How To: The GPS tools are not enabled



The GPS tools on the Main and Edit tool bars are not enabled.


A projection is not defined.

The GPS tools are only enabled when a layer with an associated projection, or .prj file is added. The layers need to be in a supported projection. ArcPad supports the following projections:

   Transverse Mercator 
Gauss Kruger (also called Transverse Mercator)
Lambert Conformal Conic
New Zealand Map Grid
Cylindrical Equal Area

These cover all UTM projections (AMG, MGA, and many national grids). State Plane is covered by Transverse Mercator and Lambert Conformal Conic. The only State Plane zone not supported is Alaska Zone 1, which is an Oblique Mercator projection.


If your layers are in a supported projection, then you can create projection files using one of the following two methods:

1. Open the Layers window and click the Define Projection button.

2. In the File Browser, navigate to the Coordinate Systems folder located under the ArcPad 5.0 installation folder (by default C:\ESRI\ArcPad 5.0\Coordinate Systems).

3. Select a projection file from one of the common projection .prj files included with ArcPad. The selected .prj file will be copied to the layers in your ArcPad project.

4. Use the ArcView GIS 3.2 Projection Utility to define a .prj file for your shapefiles.

ArcPad does not perform any projections of map data. The only projection that ArcPad performs is from the lat/long GPS coordinates to the projection of the current ArcPad project's map data.