Problem: How much memory should a Windows CE computer have?

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Product: ArcPad 5.0

Platform: Windows CE


How much memory do I need on my Windows CE computer?


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The answer depends on how much data you need to load on your Windows CE
computer. ArcPad 5.0 will run on a Windows CE computer with 4MB RAM, however
this does not leave much free memory for data and processing.

Windows CE computers do not have a hard disk, therefore all software and data
are stored in RAM, and processing is done in RAM. Base model Windows CE
computers typically have about 8MB RAM installed, while the higher end models
can have 24MB RAM or more. The RAM on Windows CE devices can be considered as
the equivalent of a desktop PC's C: drive, RAM and pagefile all combined.
Additional memory is available via Compact Flash (CF) memory cards, although
this memory can only be used for storage and is not available for processing.
A good guideline is to buy a Windows CE model with as much standard memory as
available, depending of course on how much data will be loaded on the Windows
CE computer. Although you can add additional storage memory via a Compact Flash
memory card, it is advisable to have as much RAM available for processing as
possible. For example, for the Compaq Aero 2100 series, the 2180 model is
recommended with 24MB RAM; and for the Casio Cassiopeia the E105 model is
recommended with 32MB RAM.



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