How To: Substitute ArcSDE environment variables for command line options



Most ArcSDE administration commands can read system environment variables to retrieve values for frequently used command line options. This can reduce the need to specify these options and their values explicitly each time a command is executed. The values can be especially useful for a user typing these commands into a command window. This feature can also be used to help streamline script files.

If a command option is specified on the command line, it overrides the value in the environment variables.

The environment variables are not required to use ArcSDE. They are provided as a convenience.


The following are the environment variables recognized by ArcSDE administration commands, and the options that they provide values for if the corresponding option and its value is missing from the command line.

SDESERVER: -s servername
SDEINSTANCE: -i instancename
SDEUSER: -u username
SDEPASSWORD: -p password
SDEDATABASE: -D database

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