How To: Register the DataBlade with a database (SDE for Informix)


One instance of an Informix RDBMS can support multiple databases. Before you store spatial data to be used by SDE in one of these databases, you must register the Spatial DataBlade with that database.

"Registering" a DataBlade with a database loads into that database new datatypes and the stored procedures that operate on them.

On Windows NT, you register a DataBlade with the BladeManager, which is accessed from the Windows Start Menu. You need to register the DataBlade called "SqlSde.1.0". You also need to register the DataBlade called "ifxrltree.2.00", which is automatically selected when you select SqlSde.1.0.

On UNIX systems, you can use the registration program $SDEHOME/datablade/install/regblade. For example, to register the DataBlade on a database called "mydata", type "regblade mydata".

Note: You do not need to register the DataBlade with the database called SDE unless you intend to store layers in that database.