Problem: PC ARC/INFO files do not convert properly from ArcView back to PC ARC/INFO

Solution or Workaround


When converted to a shapefile, a PC ARC/INFO file will not convert properly from ArcView back to PC ARC/INFO. Straight grid lines come back as wavy lines, though they look fine in ArcView.


Some of the file data, such as attributes, may have gotten lost or corrupted during the conversion.


To prevent this, do the following:

1. Create an interchange file of the data in PC ARC/INFO :

a. Start ArcShellW.
b. Click Conversion > Coverage.
c. Select the file to convert and the desired location in which to save it.
d. Click OK.

2. Import that file into ArcView using the Import71 utility.

a. Click Start > Programs > ArcView > Import71.
b. For Export Filename, select browse and path to .e00 file.
c. For Output Data Source, navigate to the desired location in which the resulting coverage will be stored.
d. Specify coverage name at the end of the path.
e. Click OK.
f. Open the coverage in ArcView.

3. After editing, turn the coverage created by Import71 utility into a DXF file. To do this, a conversion utility available from the ArcScripts Web page can be used.

a. Click the link in the Related Information section and do a keyword search for DXF.
b. Download the 'Create DXF files from feature themes (FTheme)' utility and save it to Arcview EXT32 folder (this will create an extension in ArcView).
c. Start Arcview.
d. Click File > Extensions.
e. Click on DXF Conversion Extension.
f. Open new view.
g. Open coverage.
h. Click Theme > Convert to DXF.
i. Click Next.
j. Navigate to the desired location in which to save the file.
k. Click Next.
l. Click the Export shape geometry radio button.
m. Click Next.
n. Select red color and continuous linetype.
o. Click Next.
p. Click Export text annotation radio button.
q. Click Next.
r. Select red color and area for text field.
s. Click Next.
t. Click Skip data blocks radio button.
u. Click Next.
v. Click Finish.

4. Convert the DXF file into a PC ARC/INFO file using the conversion option in PCAI.

a. Start PC ARC/INFO ArcShellW.
b. Click Conversion > To PCAI from DXF.
c. Navigate to the location of the DXF file.
d. Navigate to the desired location in which to save the resulting output coverage.
e. Click OK. The layers do not need to be modified.
f. Open the file in PC ARC/INFO.

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