Error: The Projection Transformation has NOT been defined

Solution or Workaround

Error Message

The following error messages occur when using the PROJECT command in an SML:

The Projection Transformation has NOT been defined.
Unable to project coverage
Bail out clean up....
Killing ______.......


The SML file was not saved or created in the correct format.


To eliminate these errors, you need to save your SML file from within DOS.

· For a new SML:

1. Open an MSDOS command prompt.
2. Change directories to where you would like to store your SML file (cd mydata\thesml).
3. Type edit followed by the name of your SML file, include the extension (edit MY.SML).
4. Enter the SML commands and save the file.

· For an existing SML:

1. Open the SML file in the DOS editor.
2. Select the SAVE AS option and give your file as a different name.