Problem: Any command using TCOPY hangs at TCOPY

Solution or Workaround

Why do commands that use TCOPY hang?


Turn ECHO ON in the batch files that hang, such as COPYCOV, CLEAN, TCOPY, RENAME. Run the command to file the exact point at which the command hangs. If the command hangs at TCOPY delete the "-B" option in the same line as TCOPY or replace it with NUL.


{-B} - brief mode. This supresses the reporting of the copy progress. Otherwise, TCOPY will list each new file on the screen as it is copied.

If you do not mind the extra messages, then they can remove the -B option. If you don't like the extra messages, you can get rid of the -B option and add
to the end of each tcopy and this will redirect all output from tcopy to the bit bucket. The problem with this is if the disk fills or there is any other error message, they will not see it. Though, if there are any errors it usually jumps to the bail out error message so they will know that it didn't work.