Problem: ZOOM menu choice magnifies all symbols

Solution or Workaround


Using the Zoom option in ARCEDITW magnifies all marker symbols for labels, tics, nodes, node errors, and so forth.


The PC ARC/INFO Zoom feature is zooming into the display list only. The MAPEXTENT remains unchanged.


All PC ARC/INFO 3.5.2 graphics modules use WINDOWS display lists to store the graphics, this allows for very fast redraws. The Zoom option on the menu zooms into the display list only, so it does not regenerate the underlying graphics.

The proper way to zoom in to an area and keep the default symbol sizes is to use the MAPEXTENT command. Once the new MAPEXTENT is set, redraw the graphics.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000001746

Software: PC ARC/INFO / DAK 3.5.2