How To: Run PC Arc/Info graphics in DOS on a Toshiba laptop


Product: PC Arc/Info

Platform: DOS

How to get the CGI drivers to work properly on a Toshiba T4900CT.

WARNING: The instructions below include making changes to essential parts of your operating system. It is recommended that you backup your operating system and files, including the registry, before proceeding. Consult with a qualified computer systems professional, if necessary.

ESRI cannot guarantee results from incorrect modifications while following these instructions. Therefore, use caution and proceed at your own risk.

Copy the TVEX24.SYS driver supplied by Toshiba to your laptop (/pc). Install it in the Config.sys. Select the CGIVESA8.SYS driver using [ARC]CON-CGI.

The following note is from the Toshiba's web site (www.toshiba.com)

VESA Compatibility on Toshiba computers.
With the start of a new standard, VESA (Video Electronics Standards
Association) certain software applications now require VESA drivers.
The VESA drivers are mainly the responsibility of the video chip

There is a VESA driver presently on the Toshiba of Canada BBS
(905-470-7122) called VESAX.EXE (a self-extracting ZIP file) which is
supported on the T4400SXC, T4400C, T6400 plasma, and T6400 colour
in 640x480x256 mode. This driver will also support the T4400SX-LCD and
T4400SX-PLASMA in 640x400x256 mode both internally and through an
external monitor. There will be a border at the top and bottom of the
screen in 640x400x256 graphics mode. The 640x400x256 VESA driver was
tested on the T4400SX-LCD.

Also available from the BBS, a file called TVEX24.SYS, which is also
in the Companion Utility Diskette. This VESA device driver is
designed for T1950CT, T3400/CT, T4700CT, T4800CT, and T6600C that has
1MB of Video RAM. These machines have Western Digital (WD90C24) video

For machines with 512k video RAM such as T4500/C, T4600/C, or
T4400SXC, there is a universal VESA driver SVGAKIT.EXE (a self
extracting ZIP file) available from Toshiba BBS.

With 512k video RAM, VESA maximum resolution is 1024x768x16 (external
CRT only), and with 1mb video RAM the maximum is 1024x768x256
(external CRT only)
Tips with VESA drivers
1. The specific driver to load in VESAX distribution is VESA.COM
2. TVEX24 must be installed in CONFIG.SYS:


3. SVGAKIT has one executable file UNIVESA.EXE that can be loaded
at any time either from the DOS prompt or be included in
4. The driver will work under basic conditions ie: With
interfere with the VESA driver and cause failures which might hang
the computer. Display.sys will interfere with the VESA driver.
5. If the program says that it is VESA compatible, then it is
absolutely necessary to have VESA drivers for your machine
(video card). It will not work without it.
6. VESA will not increase video performance in ANY application.
7. TVEX24.SYS and UNIVESA.EXE VESA drivers will not work with
machines that have 256k video RAM (ie. T1910/CS, T1950/CS).

For a list of video chips in Toshiba notebooks, please refer to
TSB0248.TXT from Toshiba BBS (905-470-7122) or via ToshFax
document number 248 (1-800-663-0378).
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