Error: Could not open C:\TEMP\ t$arc0\FORT1

Solution or Workaround


This error occurs while attempting to start a module or a standard arc command:

Could not open C:\TEMP\ t$arc0\FORT1  


The system is finding the executable before the batch file that initializes and writes the FORT1 file.

Delete and/or move the misplaced executable.

Both the standard arc commands (ptool) and the modules (ARCPLOTW, ARCEDITW, etc.) should have their executables only in the programs subdirectory.

The FORT1 file is a temporary ASCII file that stores the parameters set in the batch file. The batch file writes the FORT1 file through a series of statements
such as:

   ECHO %1 >%WKSP%FORT1  

The executable then reads them in. The batch file deletes the FORT1 file when the process is finished.