Problem: Cannot add description item to BND or TIC file

Solution or Workaround


If a column is added to the BND or TIC file, it disappears after running some processes.


Software design.


It is not possible to add items to the TIC file, as it is rewritten at some places in the software. This would cause any added information to disappear.

The BND file is updated whenever new features are added; thus, the BND locations (maximum extent of the coverage) can change. At some places in the software, the BND is expected in an exact format (number of bytes in each item). There is no ID associated with a BND, so it does not make a lot of sense to have any other information associated with it.

If you need information associated with the TIC file, you could create a README.TXT file under the coverage subdirectory. You could also create a dbf file (call it TICEXTRA or TICMORE) containing the TIC-ID and any extra items. You could use this dbf file to do a temporary join (with link option) as needed. If you add or delete tics, or change the TIC-ID, you would have to edit the extra dbf file.