Problem: DRAWW distorts map compositions and freezes system

Solution or Workaround

Product: PC ARC/INFO 3.4.2b

Platform: PC

When I attempt to draw a map composition in DRAWW, it distorts the lines and locks up the computer.


Possible memory conflict between Windows and something else loaded in upper memory. One possibility is the RAMDRIVE.


Try using EMMEXCLUDE=A000-EFFF under the 386Enh] section of the system.ini. If that improves the situation, then try to determine which driver is causing the problem. One approach is to REM out the drivers loading in upper memory one at a time. Once the driver has been isolated, then find out the specific memory address using either MEM /DEBUG /P or MSD under the TSRs button. Then exclude this portion of the memory only under EMMEXCLUDE.