How To: Set up Summagraphics Professional III digitizer


Steps to set up a Summasketch Professional III digitizer.


With a 16 button cursor, the Summasketch Pro III defaults to UIOF format every time it is turned on or reset. Also the output from the digitizer must be in ASCII.


The Summagraphics utility MM resets the format, and the SEND /port /Cza switches it over to ASCII format. One way to avoid typing this in every time your computer is booted is to write an SML in the ARCEXE\UTOOL to execute when you wish to digitize.

 &sys 'c:\summa\mm'
&sys 'c:\summa\send /port /Cza'

other codes:

-- b - origin upper left
-- B - Point mode
-- j - 1000 lpi
-- za - ASCII BCD report format
-- z8 - 8 data bits, no parity (1 stop bit I assume)
-- T - report rate 2 rps (can use S for a report rate of 10 rps)
-- z6 - 16-button cursor enable
-- ( /2 for COM 2)

If your digitizer still doesn't work, you may try setting its port to ODD parity. This has worked in some cases, eventhough the manuals says to use NONE.

CON-DIG ssproII 1 9600 O 8 1 with the ssproII digform  


Some older Summasketch models apparently have a hardware defect that requires soldering. Consult Summagraphics Technical Support on this one.

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Last Published: 5/5/2016

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