How To: Convert a region file to a point table


1. Select the region features you wish to convert to a point table.

2. Use the EDIT | COPY TO LAYER command to copy features to a new POINT layer.

3. Create a new table using FILE | NEW TABLE.

4. Add a column X, a column Y, a column NAME, and a column NAME2. The X and Y columns should be FLOAT type, and size 19, decimal 6. The NAME and NAME2 columns should be STRING and size 16.

5. Link this table to the POINT layer using the ID as the Key Column.

6. View the new table using WINDOW | NEW TABLE WINDOW.

7. Use TABLE | CALCULATE COLUMN to fill the X column with expression _CENTX/1000000, the Y column with expression _CENTY/1000000, the NAME column with expression _NAME, and the NAME2 column with expression _NAME2.

8. Go into TABLE | DEFINE COLUMNS and change the table type to CONTAINS POINTS, specifying the Latitude, Longitude, and values as LL.