Error: Quincy" (qnc.exe)

Solution or Workaround

What is a qnc.exe & Notes.rip error message?

Quincy is a debugger that ships with the Lotus Notes, but does not require Notes to be running. It generates a text file called Notes.rip at the time of an operating system fault. This file lists all files in use at the time of the system fault. The text file is appended each time Quincy is triggered.

The Quincy (qnc.exe) application needs to be made inactive.

To deactivate the application, locate the qnc.exe in Lotus Notes and rename it to oldqnc.exe (for example). This will keep the debugger program in Lotus Notes from running and will not crash Atlas. If you need to run Quincy, rename the file back to qnc.exe.