Error: Input error:path or file not found

Solution or Workaround

When opening an .agf file this error message occurs:

Input error:path or file not found


Most likely, you are missing a component of the geo file.


There are five files that make up the geo file. The two main components are:

.agf  (contains variable length info)

.aif (contains fixed length info)

Other files that may accompany a geo file are:

.agx  (spatial index file - geographic index)

.awx (string index file - feature ID and name indexes)

.lay (layer settings file - describes layers in geo)

See if any of these files is missing.

Always keep the .agf file and the .aif files together. If they are not stored in the same location, the geo file can not be accessed.

Note: For more information, see 'Storing and Managing Data' in the Reference Manual.