Error: Can't convert characters in proj.apr at position ... to a double

Solution or Workaround


Attempting to open a project produces this error:


   Stop: Can't convert character in /<path>/proj.apr at position ... to a double  

Windows 95/98/NT

   Stop: Can't convert character in <drive>:\<path>\proj.apr at position ... to a double  

After clicking OK the project does not open.


Character values have been placed in the project file where ArcView is expecting numeric values.

This error will most likely when attempting to open a project that was created under a different operating system. The scale is so small that the precision of the OS hardware cannot deal with it.


1. Make a back-up copy of the current project (.apr) file just in case.

2. Open the project file in a text editor.

3. Search for all occurences of the following:

   "NaN", "?.0000000000", "Infinity", "NaNQ"  

You will most likely find these character strings in places that define the coordinates of windows (RectD).

4. Replace them with actual numeric values.

5. Save your changes.

6. Start ArcView

7. Open the project

8. Save the project

9. Close the project and exit ArcView.

10. Start a new session of ArcView and open this project file again.

The project should now open normally.