How To: Use the Projection Utility to do an Albers Projection


How can I project shape files to Albers projections using the Shape File Projection Utility?


Although Albers does not appear in the destination projection drop-down list, it is available as a custom projection under the Advanced Options. You can find Albers in the list of Base Projections within the Parameters tab. You will have to specify the geographic coordinate system, central meridian, reference latitude, and standard parallels.

Commonly used parameters are as follows:

Alaska, Cont-US, Hawaii, N. America
geographic Clarke 1866
central Meridian: -154, -96, -157, -96
Ref Lat. 50, 37.5, 13, 40
Std. Parallel 1 55, 29.5, 8, 20
Std. Parallel 2 65, 45.5, 18, 60
Easting 0, 0, 0, 0
Northing 0, 0, 0, 0


Parameters taken from the Projector! extension defaults for Albers.