How To: Expand ArcView's functionality with sample scripts



This document lists the sample scripts that come with ArcView GIS. You can access these scripts from the ArcView Help under 'Sample Scripts and Extensions' on the Contents tab. Or you can access the files directly from the ..\esri\av_gis30\arcview\samples directory.


Use the scripts to supplement core ArcView GIS functions or use them as templates for your own scripts. For information on how to load, compile, and run scripts refer to the ArcView Help topics under Contents > Customizing and Programming ArcView with Avenue > Working with Scripts.

The scripts available to you may differ slightly from the list below, depending on which extensions you have installed and which version of ArcView GIS you are using.

* addcolor.ave:	Adds color from selected graphic to color palette

* addconv.ave: Converts ArcInfo .ADD file to Shapefile.

* addgshp.ave: Creates GraphicShapes and Symbols for a View.

* addrecno.ave: Adds a Recno attribute to all active FTabs.

* addtheme.ave: Adds a theme to a view.

* addtmenu.ave: Adds a ToolMenu (pull-down tool) to a DocGUI.

* addtovie.ave: Add a tool or button to the 3D Analyst viewer.

* addxycoo.ave: Adds X and Y coordinates of features to Attribute Table.

* aiconnct.ave: Connects to an ARC/INFO Server.

* aiserver.ave: For making and using an ArcView to ArcInfo RPC connection.

* aligngra.ave: Aligns selected graphics in a layout or view.

* avheader.ave: Defines the content of the script header.

* bivarleg.ave: Creates a Bivariate legend for a theme.

* bvreg.ave: Performs Bivariate Regression and Makes Scatter Chart.

* calcacre.ave: Calculates acres for polygon shapes.

* calcapl.ave: Calculates feature geometry values.

* calcdist.ave: Calculates distances from points in one theme to
points in another.

* contlab.ave: Labels selected features with text groups along the path.

* creatmnu.ave: Creates a menu item with active themes as choices.

* custleg.ave: Customize Color Ramps and Schemes.

* cvtplply.ave: Converts polylines in the active theme to polygons.

* cvtplypl.ave: Converts polygons in active theme to polylines.

* dd2dms.ave: Converts DecimalDegrees values to DegreesMinutesSeconds.

* ddecress.ave: Use DDE to create a Spreadsheet in Excel.

* ddesysit.ave: Demonstrates a DDE conversation with Excel.

* demfill.ave: Creates a grid theme by filling all sinks in another
grid theme.

* dictsel.ave: Returns value from selected key in a dictionary.

* dms2dd.ave: Converts DegreesMinutesSeconds values to DecimalDegrees.

* dtedshad.ave: Creates a hillshade grid from a converted DTED source in
decimal seconds by calculating an appropriate Zfactor.

* dtedshft.ave: Creates a grid in decimal degrees from a DTED source in
decimal seconds.

* edtimglg.ave: Edits the legend for single band image theme.

* edtscrpt.ave: Edits Avenue scripts in system editor.

* encprj.ave: Encrypts and saves current project.

* encscrpt.ave: Encrypts and Embeds a script into current project.

* envtrans.ave: Transforms dynamic segmentation events from one route theme
to another.

* evntxfrm.ave: Transforms dynseg events from one route theme to another.

* expclean.ave: Cleans and exports shapes of themes.

* explode.ave: Converts multi-part polygons to single-part polygons.

* exptlay.ave: Exports a layout file suitable for printing.

* exptview.ave: Exports a View to file suitable for printing.

* extscrpt.ave: Extracts Script From Project.

* findnear.ave: Finds feature nearest to a point.

* fldprops.ave: Displays field properties.

* fndstrng.ave: Finds specified string a script.

* genfeat.ave: Removes unneeded vertices from selected features.

* geocode.ave: Geocodes addresses in a Table to a matchable Theme.

* geolocte.ave: Create your own dialog box for locating an address.

* getuniq.ave: Gets unique values for specified field.

* gps2shp.ave: Converts ASCII GPS output to shapefile.

* grafclip.ave: Extract and clip features by graphics.

* gratview.ave: Creates Graticules, Tics, and Labels for a View.

* grdmaker.ave: Creates arbitrary grid(vector) shapefile.

* grextrct.ave: Spatial Analyst, grid extraction.

* grplegbt.ave: Simplifies a legendframe and groups by theme.

* gtable.ave: Places a Graphic of the table you specify into a layout.

* hiselgra.ave: Highlights selected graphics on a View document.

* histogrm.ave: Displays a histogram for selected field in table.

* idlinked.ave: Replaces Identify Tool with smarter version for links.

* imgcat.ave: Creates image catalog from image themes in view.

* imgext.ave: Redefines the extent of a image theme.

* imscript.ave: Imports text from file into new SEd document(s).

* jnlnktbl.ave: Joins or Links two tables.

* labwthin.ave: Labels only features whose labels are smaller than their
own extents.

* lnkimgvw.ave: Hotlinks an image to display in a View.

* makergb.ave: Create Colors from a RGB list.

* matchcoo.ave: Matches an address record to a coordinate.

* mif2shp.ave: Converts MapInfo Interchange Format (*.MIF) to ArcView
shapefile format.

* mkpensym.ave: Makes pen symbols.

* mrgthmcl.ave: Merges Active Themes Click.

* mrgthmup.ave: Merges Active Themes Update.

* multmtch.ave: Geocode to several matchable themes simultaneously.

* mvgra2pt.ave: Moves and centers a graphic.

* ndvipal.ave: Sets the color map of an ImageTheme to a NDVI file.

* nearest.ave: Perform Spatial Nearest Neighbor Analysis.

* nitfanno.ave: Turns NITF extension annotation display on or off. AV32a

* npcl.ave: Creates nested legend for piecharts with size field.

* npclup.ave: Update script for Layout.NestedPieChartLegend.

* one2many.ave: Sets up OneToMany relationships for tables linked to themes.

* ordertoc.ave: Sort order of TOC by type of theme.

* pcarced.ave: Opens Active Theme in pcARCEDIT.

* pnt2poly.ave: Convert a cluster of points to a polygon.

* randsel.ave: Selects a percentage of a theme's features randomly.

* rasveclg.ave: Changes legend from RasterFill to VectorFill.

* replstr.ave: Finds and replaces string in a file.

* repscrpt.ave: Replaces a script with script in active SEd.

* retrndoc.ave: Returns a document of a specific class.

* revgeoc.ave: Finds the address for the specified point location.

* rgb2avp.ave: Makes new color palette based on RGB values in file.

* rgbdict.ave: Makes an RGB NameDictionary.

* rndscale.ave: Rounds the interval of selected scale bars.

* savscrpt.ave: Saves all scripts to current working directory.

* sdechgc.ave: Changing a database theme’s connection.

* sdecntr.ave: Totaling the records represented by a database table.

* sdeodbcsavp.ave: Saving login information in the project file.

* sdeodbcsplp.ave: Splitting polygons in a database theme.

*sdeoptb.ave: Opens a table for each active theme in the active view.

*sderprthm.ave: Repairs pre database access 2.0 table links to themes.

* sedfndrp.ave: Finds & replaces aString in a SEd document.

* selbycir.ave: Selects features in active theme using a circle.

* showdd.ave: Displays decimal degree values in the status bar of a
projected view.

* showsel.ave: Shows the number of selected features in the status bar.

* shp2gen.ave: Exports active theme to ArcInfo export format.

* smaddlay.ave: Adds Layers to a BaseMap Theme.

* smchgfon.ave: Changes the Text Label Fonts of Some Street Layers.

* smconvtq.ave: Converts StreetMap Streets into Shapefile by Query.

* smdropbk.ave: Drops Back to ZIP Geocoding.

* smlatlon.ave: Appends Latitude/Longitude Values to Geocoded Theme.

* smlocate.ave: Matching Single Address and Offsets the Point Locatio.

* smstnadd.ave: Writes Standardized Address to Geocoded Theme.

* spider.ave: Create spider diagrams.

* spidx.ave: Spatial Index Creator.

* stanshpe.ave: Creates a standardized address Table from unparsed addresses.

* subpath.ave: Changes pathnames in project files.

* symdump.ave: Dumps symbols from palette to layout.

* tblinput.ave: Creates a new Table using MultiInput dialog box.

* textmask.ave: Creates text masks for a theme's labels.

* thm2gphx.ave: Shape to Graphic Convertor.

* thmhisto.ave: Creates a histogram for the active theme.

* thrshtoc.ave: Tells you if theme isn't in display threshold.

* tinfo.ave: Reports on a table's structure.

* tocfont.ave: Sets the TOC Font.

* togctrls.ave: Toggles the visibility of Controls.

* wdb2shp.ave: Converts World Data Base (WDB) line files to
ArcView Shapefile.

* wrxyinfo.ave: Creates a file with coordinate information from user.

* xls2tbl.ave: Creates a new table document from an Excel spreadsheet.

* xyshift.ave: Shifts XY coordinates for the features of a theme.

* xyz2xy.ave: Converts a 3D shape theme (may contain M) into a 2D shapefile.

* 3dflopth.ave: Calculate the flow pattern from all triangles in a TIN

* 3dglobal.ave: Convert 2D feature themes into shapefiles that display
on a globe.

* 3dlosapp.ave: Calculate multiple lines of sight around an observer-apply.

* 3dlosclk.ave: Calculate multiple lines of sight around an observer-click.

* 3dmesh.ave: Create a mesh of 3D lines from a surface.

* 3drasres.ave: Adjust image and grid resolution for a scene.

* 3dtinbas.ave: Add a base for a TIN theme in a scene.

* 3dto2d.ave: Convert a 3D feature theme to 2D.

* 3dtogen.ave: Convert a 3D feature theme to a file in 3D generate format.

* 3dtreeap.ave: Plant trees on a TIN or grid theme in a 3D viewer--apply.

* 3dtreeck.ave: Plant trees on a TIN or Grid theme in 3d viewer-- click.