How To: Access custom help files through Avenue


When I access help files through Avenue on a PC sometimes disappear? How can I solve this?


On UNIX, the script below creates a new Help object and displays the specified
Help file.

_myHelp= Help.Make
_myHelp.SetTitle("a title")

Running this script on WINDOWS displays the new Help object and then disappears after a few seconds; the new help object is garbage collected.

Any of the following three methods will prevent help from disappearing when accessed through Avenue:

1. Create the help object in one script associating the new help object with a global variable or an ObjectTag. In another script, set the file and show the help object.

Script 1:

_myHelp= Help.Make

Script 2:

_myHelp.SetTitle("a title")

2. You can use the system.execute request to start a new help system:

system.execute ("winhelp.exe c:\help\test.hlp")

Or, you can simply launch the help file by double clicking the help file in the
Windows File Manager or Program Manager.

3. Instead of creating a new Help object, use the existing one and make your help file the current help file. This means that each time you display default ArcView help, the help file changes back to ArcView help files. With this method, you need only one script:

av.Help.SetTitle("a title")

With option 2, you can display more than one Help window. Note that context sensitive help appears only in the help object returned by av.Help.


For more information on using Custom help files in ArcView, see the online help topics: Help Menu, Help Topics, Index Tab: Help [class] or Help file, building your own.