How To: Change the size of annotation in ARCEDIT


Annotation created on the fly, will be assigned a default size value determined by the current display. This default value may be undesirable becasue annotation will draw with varying sizes due to different display environments.

The annotation pseudo item $SIZE, stores the size of the annotation in mapunits. This value can be modified using the following ARCEDIT command:

arcedit: CALCULATE $SIZE = x

Changing the value of $SIZE, will insure that no matter what scale the coverage is displayed at or what scale the map is plotted at, the annotation size will be maintained.

If you are unsure of what size to make your annotation, use the ARCEDIT:
DISTANCE command to measure how tall you want their annotation, and CALCULATE
$SIZE accordingly.

Note: You can change the size of one annotation feature, many annotation features or all the annotation features by using the SELECT command and then calculating the pseudo item $SIZE.