How To: Configure a SummaGrid V digitizer to work with Workstation ArcInfo



Steps to setup a CalComp Summagrid V Digitizer to work with Workstation ArcInfo.


1. Copy the following lines as an ASCII file and save it as 'dig_sg5' (no extension) in the %ARCHOME%\digform directory.

'SG5'        CALCOMP SUMMAGRID V Digitizer
1 Digitizer device #
'(A3,2F5.3)' Digitizer format
F No menu bar
F Single button mode off
73.0, 1.0, 0.0 X max, x scale, x offset
85.0, 1.0, 0.0 Y max, y scale, y offset
'APD' 0, 'AP0' 1, 'AP1' 2, 'AP2' 3, 'AP4' 4, 'AP5' 5, 'AP6' 6,
'AP8' 7, 'AP9' 8, 'APA' 9, 'APC' 10, 'APE' 12

2. From the Tablet Works CD-ROM, run the following program:


3. Select the appropriate com port.

4. Change the "X" marks with your mouse pointer to place an "X" in:

A1, A7, A8
B6, B7
C1, C5

5. Click the Save Settings button. You should hear two beeps from the digitizer confirming the receipt of the settings.

6. Click the Read Switches button. You will hear two beeps from the digitizer to confirm the switches were read. Make sure they match what you set in step 3.

7. Run digtest with:

arc: digtest sg5 com1 (or your appropriate com port)