Error: < path_to_map_section > does not have feature link

Solution or Workaround


EXTRACT returns this message.

Extracting coverage LINKCOVEX from layer LINKCOV.
/TEST/LIB/LIB70/CIRLIB/T2/LINKCOV does not have feature LINK

At this point, the LIBRARIAN session may hang. Interrupting, via Control C, produces this:

Are you sure (y/n) : y
Program interrupted by user
Bailing out of APPEND


Link features are stored in a LNK or LNK.ADF coverage file. Some tiles had a link feature file in their LINKCOV layer map section and other tiles did not.


The map sections for a layer must maintain file consistency. Either all or none of a layer's map sections should have an LNK file. The library database template layer coverage must also be consistent.

To resolve the inconsistency, do an ARC DROPFEATURE <cover> LINK GEOMETRY on the layer map sections and/or the database layer template coverage. This will delete the link features permanently. You can use the LIBRARIAN VISIT command in an AML that checks the existence of a LNK or LNK.ADF file and deletes those that exist in the tile directories.

Optionally, you could add links to those map sections lacking link features and to the database layer template coverage if needed.

The order of the active tiles on the .../DATABASE/INFO!ARC!INDEX.PAT determines the order the map sections are extracted. Use this order to determine what tile map sections have been successfully mapjoined.

The following ARCEDIT procedure leaves an empty LNK file in the edit coverage directory and uses the operating system file copying command to put the empty LNK file into the map section lacking link features.

ARC: copy cover_with_links linkcov
ARC: arcedit
ARCEDIT (COGO) Version 7.0.4
Arcedit: editcover linkcov
Arcedit: ef link
11 element(s) for edit feature LINK
Arcedit: select all
11 element(s) now selected
Arcedit: delete
11 link(s) deleted
Arcedit: save
Saving changes for /POP3/TECH/LIB/LIB61/CIRLIB/LINKCOV
Saving links...
0 link records(s) written to /POP3/TECH/LIB/LIB61/CIRLIB/LINKCOV
from the original 11 link, 0 added and 11 deleted
Arcedit: q
Leaving ARCEDIT...
Arc: q
Exiting ARC ...

DH>cd linkcov
aat arc arx bnd lnk log tic
DH>cp lnk /path_to_tile_directory/mapsection_lacking_link_features/lnk