How To: Use CONVERTWORKSPACE on a map library



Converting map library workspaces using the Arc CONVERTWORKSPACE command.


1) Start a watch file to track the conversion (this is optional).

Arc: &watch doublecheck.wat

2) Convert the tile directories to the DOS 8.3 file naming conventions.

Arc: librarian CIRLIB
Librarian: settiles all
Librarian: visit arc convertworkspace new
Librarian: quit

3) Convert the library's database directory.

Arc: librarian CIRLIB
Librarian: show location library
Librarian: quit
Arc: convertworkspace new

4) Make sure the ARC polygon spatial index is okay on the library tile coverage .../DATABASE/INDEX.


5) Close the watch file.

Arc: &watch &off


ARC/INFO 7.x recognizes a pre-Version 7 workspace and a Version 7 workspace; thus, it is not necessary to use CONVERTWORKSPACE on your pre-Version 7 libraries.

The primary reasons for converting pre-Version 7 libraries are:

- Conversion facilitates the sharing of data between workstations and PC DOS platforms. This is particularly important for sites using ArcView on PC DOS platforms, as this configuration cannot access pre-Version 7 UNIX or VAX workspaces. (If all ARC/INFO and ArcView installs accessing the library are either Intel NT or UNIX, then CONVERTWORKSPACE is not needed. Intel NT and UNIX versions of these programs can access pre-7.0 style coverages across a network. Access to old style coverages only involves Windows or DOS version of ArcView.)

- The format change in the INFO file names increased the number of INFO data files from 1,000 to 10,000 for each workspace. For a librarian user, this means more layers can be represented in each tile directory and more INFO layer lookup tables can be stored in the tile directories.

- To simplify data management by using only one type of workspace throughout your site.

Once you have converted a library to Version 7 format (to DOS 8.3 file naming), ARC/INFO 6.1.2 or earlier version will be unable to access the library.

For more details regarding DOS 8.3 file naming, refer to the ArcDoc hypertext path: Master Contents > INDEX > file naming.