How To: Use unsupported plotters/printers under UNIX and Windows NT



How to determine if a particular plotter not identified in the documentation will work with ArcInfo.


In general, any plotter that fully supports any of the ArcInfo output formats should work.

ArcInfo for UNIX can generate the following formats:

   -  Calcomp 907
- CGM (binary, character and text encoding)
- ColorHCBS
- HP-GL/2
- PostScript

ArcInfo for Windows NT can generate the following formats:

   -  ColorHCBS (after 7.2.1)
- CGM (binary, character and text encoding)
- HP-GL/2 (after 7.2.1>
- HP-RTL (after 7.2.1)
- PostScript

ArcInfo for Windows NT can also generate Windows Meta Files (WMF) and Enhanced Meta Files (EMF). These formats can be sent through Windows print drivers and can also be used for import into Windows applications. The Windows print drivers will convert the WMF/EMF from ArcInfo into the printer specific format, usually HP-GL/2, PCL or PostScript. You must ensure the installed driver is the appropriate one for the plotter in question.

ArcPress can generate additional printer formats. These support the following classes of devices:

   -  CalComp TechJet and electrostatic plotterss
- Cannon BubbleJet printers
- Epson Stylus inkjet printers
- HP DesignJets plotters
- PCL level 3 and level 5 devices (i.e. HP LaserJet) printers
- RasterGraphics electrostatic plotterss
- Versatec electrostatic plotters

Consult the printer or plotter documentation for further details.

For a list of printers/plotters and the support level at 7.x, consult the online documentation: Contents > System Administration > Interfacing Graphics Devices > Supported Graphics Devices > Supported Printers.

For ArcInfo 8.x, select ArcInfo Workstation from the "Supported Devices Guides for earlier software versions" link, below.

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