Problem: Using multiple Oracle instances with ArcStorm

Solution or Workaround


There are two Oracle instances, 'oracle1' and 'oracle2' and two ArcStorm databases, called 'asdb1' and 'asdb2'. When registering 'oracle1' tables to 'asdb1' and 'oracle2' tables to 'asdb2', and starting wservice, it can only register to 'oracle1' tables with either 'asdb1' and 'asdb2'.


The Oracle environmental variable ORACLE_SID has been explicitly set.


Do not set the Oracle environmental variable ORACLE_SID. Instead, specify the Oracle instance to be used in SETCONNECTINFO.

For example, if SQL*NET version 1 is being used,

SETCONNECTINFO oracle storm/storm@T:node:sidname

where 'sidname' is the Oracle instance.

Consult Oracle documentation for additional information regarding how to specify an Oracle instance during connections.