How To: Convert ATLAS files to workstation ArcInfo and PC ARC/INFO


How can an Atlas GIS file be converted to either workstation or PC ARC/INFO?


Workstation ArcInfo:

There is no direct conversion command for Atlas files in version 7.x.x. Atlas GIS can export to an Arc interchange format that can be used with the ARC IMPORT command. This conversion, however, may not always be reliable. The ArcInfo file format is proprietary and Atlas has attempted to create an ArcInfo interchange file by deconstructing interchange files created by the EXPORT command.

ESRI's Technical Support does not support the Atlas interchange file, but will attempt to help as much as possible regarding the use of the IMPORT comand.

ATLAS GIS also converts to a DXF format, which can be converted to ArcInfo, using the ARC DXFARC command. This is recommended if the Atlas interchange file is flawed and the error can not be remedied.


There is a command in ARC called ATLASARC, that will convert an Atlas export .BNA file to PC ARC/INFO. You need to specify if the new coverage is point, poly or line; refer to ATLASARC command reference for detailed information.

There is also the ARCATLAS command that converts a PC ARC/INFO coverage to an Atlas .BNA export file.


If you have both workstation and PC ARC/INFO, you may use the ATLASARC command on the PC and then use EXPORT to bring the coverage to the workstation.
Remember to use the NONE option and reimport the file into the PC to make sure the file is error free before transferring it to the workstation. Refer to the online command references for the EXPORT and IMPORT commands.