Error: Warning: < symbol_type > symbol table full

Solution or Workaround

When working with symbol sets, what do the messages "Line symbol table full", "Shade symbol table full" or "Marker symbol table full" mean?


ARCPLOT maintains symbol (marker, line, shade, or text) tables with a total of 999 cells. Each cell is occupied by a symbol layer. Thus, it is possible to have 999 single-layer symbols, or one symbol with 999 layers, or any combination in between.
This warning occurs when the table is full. For example, MY.LIN has symbols 1 through 333. Each symbol has three layers for a total 999 layers. If a four layer symbol is put into symbol 1 the "Line symbol table full" warning will occur.

It is possible to clear specific symbol table locations or all locations with any of these commands: MARKERDELETE, LINEDELETE, SHADEDELETE and TEXTDELETE.