How To: execute an AML when ARC/INFO starts.


How do I get an AML to execute automatically when I start an ARC/INFO module?


The following summarizes your options for an AML that runs when ARC starts up. If all of these startup files are found, they will be run in the following order.

1) arc.aml in your %ARCHOME%/startup This AML is run for all users running ARC/INFO from a certain %ARCHOME% location. This provides a means to customize an organization's startup environment. This is one of the customizations that will be lost when re-installing ARC/INFO. You are advised to have frequent backups of such customizations.

2) .arc file in every user's home directory on the NT, the home directory is given by the concatenation of the system variables, %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%. For example, if %HOMEDRIVE% is c and %HOMEPATH% is :, ARC/INFO will look for a .arc file under c: and run it, if found, during startup. If these variables are not defined, ARC/INFO looks for a .arc file in the current directory or in any directory above the current
directory. The .arc file provides a means to customize a user's startup

3) arc.aml in your current directory
This file is run if ARC/INFO is started from a directory in which it is present. This file is run for all users starting ARC from a certain directory. This provides a means for customizing a project's startup environment.

Your startup options for ArcEdit and ArcPlot are, in their order of execution:
a) arcedit.aml (or arcplot.aml) in your %ARCHOME%/startup
b) .arcedit (or .arcplot) file in your home directory (for NT, refer above),
c) arcedit.aml (or arcplot.aml) in your current directory.


1) This is documented, in ArcDoc, under Help Topics --> Customizing
ARC/INFO with AML --> AML (Arc Macro Language) --> Creating a working
environment Starting an AML application.

2) If you have problems create a file named .arc on NT, create a file called
arc.txt and [RENAME] it to .arc as follows:

Arc: &type [RENAME arc.txt .arc -FILE]

3) %ARCHOME%/startup/arc.aml runs first, and calls the other startup AMLs.
Whether your customizations in this AML are executed before the other AMLs or
after them depends on the location of your customizations in the AML.