Problem: Updating the License Manager after changing the license.dat file on UNIX

Solution or Workaround

When adding seats or changing the license.dat file, the license manager daemon needs to be updated to these changes. How do I do this?


The license manager only reads the license.dat file on startup or execution of the lmreread command.

After appending a FEATURE line to an existing license.dat file, stop and restart the lmgrd daemon or use the "lmreread" command.

cd $ARCHOME/sysgen
./lmutil lmreread -c license.dat

If lmreread does not activate the feature, stop and start the license manager with the commands:

$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmutil lmdown -c $ARCHOME/sysgen/license.dat

$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmgrd -c $ARCHOME/sysgen/license.dat > /dev/console &