How To: Replace INFO with the Database Integrator


Can INFO be replaced with the Database Integrator/DBMS?


No. ARC/INFO reads and writes INFO files, but does not use INFO as a database server. ARC/INFO software uses the INFO data structure to store the tabular part of the ARC/INFO coverage. ARC/INFO reads and writes the tabular flat-file data structure known as INFO data files independently of INFO software. Feature attribute tables (PAT,AAT,NAT,TAT,etc.) are created and maintained by ARC/INFO as INFO data files and cannot be stored and maintained in an external DBMS such as Oracle.

The fundamental purpose of a DBMS connection is to allow related tables to be accessed and updated. Good database design tries to divide tables into sets that hold information about a particular object; this is called Normalization. This is why relates are used in ARC/INFO to bring together tables that are related by some key field. Keep only related tables in the DBMS.