Problem: Unable to delete a version with a name containing quotes


When attempting to delete a version with a name containing quotation marks from the Version Manager dialog box by clicking the Delete Version option, the version is not deleted. In some cases, when attempting to delete the version using the Delete Version tool, the version containing quotes is not included in the list of versions.

In some instances, an error is returned:
error message version not found


This is a known issue. Sometimes the DBMS allows users to use special characters, reserved keywords, or force mixed, upper or lowercase names if the object name enclosed in delimiters, such as double quotation marks, is provided.

However, ArcGIS does not delimit object names. It is not recommended to create any tables, feature classes, databases, users, roles, or other object names that require delimiters if the user intends to use the object with ArcGIS, as the object is created in the database, but cannot be accessed from ArcGIS.

Solution or Workaround

Delete the version from the database end by the following steps:

Take a full database backup and ensure the edits from the version are reconciled or posted before performing the following steps.
  1. Remove the quotes from the version name in the version table (sde.versions).
  2. Delete the version from ArcCatalog.

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