How To: Recover offline Collector for ArcGIS data on Windows 10


Instructions provided describe how to recover an offline database in Collector for ArcGIS on Windows 10.


For each user that has logged in to the computer user and has taken maps offline:

  1. Locate the following folder:
Folder Locations
Within this folder are the folders that contain offline data.
  1. Copy these folders to another location.
  2. In ArcMap, use the .geodatabase file located in the folders you copied as the input for the Copy Runtime to File Geodatabase tool, available at version 10.3 of ArcGIS Desktop.
Copy Runtime Geodatabase to File Geodatabase
Configure the tool
  1. The output of this tool is a file geodatabase containing any unsynchronized edits and photo attachments that can now be migrated back into the original database if necessary.
File Geodatabase