Problem: Pop-ups do not display information in ArcGIS Online when feature layers in the map service contain a join


If feature layers of a dynamic map service hosted on an ArcGIS for Server site contain joined SQL tables, pop-ups on the web map display a "No information available" message in ArcGIS Online.

The "No information available" message on a pop-up
The bug ID logged for this issue is NIM097308.


When map service layers are joined to a table from a non-enterprise geodatabase, the fully qualified field name for the right table may contain the percent character (%). Pop-up requests in the ArcGIS Online map viewer include the fully qualified field names in query requests for the map service, and the "No information available" message displays because map services consider the percent character invalid.

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the following workarounds listed below to resolve the issue.

  • Add the feature layer URL to the web map, as shown in the example below.
    • Works with a join:
  • Does not work with a join:
  • Before performing the join in ArcMap, add the data using the Add Data button instead of dragging and dropping from the Catalog window to prevent the percent character from being added to the table, and publish as a map service.
  • Store the database table in the same geodatabase as the feature class before joining and publishing to ensure the percent character is not added to the table. The table may be created using SQL, and does not have to be registered with the geodatabase if the goal is to use a non-enterprise geodatabase table.

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