Special Events Premium Support

International Premium Support – User Guide

For a Successful Event

Esri’s Special Events Premium Support Services (SEPSS) is designed to meet your support needs during high-profile events, such as system upgrades, major GIS projects, sporting events, cultural events, and elections. SEPSS offers the same features and benefits of a one-year Premium Support subscription, including greater availability, prioritized case management, and personalized technical account management, providing you with a peace-of-mind during your high-profile events.


SEPSS removes the need of purchasing a full year subscription of Premium Support when coverage is only required for a short period of time. As a customer or business partner on standard maintenance, you can purchase short-term Premium Support for a service duration of one, three, or six months.

Get Premium Support

With SEPSS, you will be assigned a Technical Account Manager to oversee your organization's support needs. Additionally, you will work directly with skilled, senior support analysts, benefit from quick responses, and have access to 24/7/365 support.

Three service duration plans are available to meet your special event:

One-Month Plan:
This plan is for customers who will have one or two special events per year, such as national sporting events, music festivals, elections and other community events.

Three-Month Plan:
This option is for seasonal and non-seasonal projects that can last a few months. Seasonal projects include holiday seasons for retail customers. Non-seasonal projects can range from software upgrades or migrations to political campaigns and consulting.

Six-Month Plan:
This plan is targeted towards customers with long-term, mission-critical projects that will not last an entire year and may not occur regularly. Ideal customers include those managing large sporting events, corporate restructures or mergers, and research projects.

Focus on the Event

With Premium Support during your high-profile event, you have a reliable partner to help you minimize downtime and reduce risk, so that you can focus on your event goals. Premium Support provides the enhanced level of support required for you to maintain a stable, dependable GIS platform through 24/7/365 support availability, one-hour initial response, experienced support staff, and a designated Technical Account Manager actively engaged with your team. Also, your critical cases may benefit from daily updates and around-the-clock support with Premium Support.

How To Buy
For more information about Esri International Premium Support, contact your local distributor or reach out to the International Premium Support Team directly.