International Premium Support - User Guide

International Premium Support – User Guide


This user guide provides you with information for managing and using your annual International Premium Support subscription. It covers service features, submitting support cases and achieving other support workflows with My Esri, and escalating issues to your assigned Technical Account Manager.

Premium Support Program Overview

Most organizations face challenges when it comes to managing their business-critical applications. With the increasing variety and complexity of hardware and software, they become extremely difficult to maintain. Operational inefficiencies can cause quality and performance issues that directly affect your users. You need to anticipate, detect, and resolve issues quickly to minimize the risk of business interruptions. A few minutes of downtime can be extremely costly and may render your operation unstable.

Premium Support provides the enhanced level of support that is required for you to maintain a stable, dependable GIS platform through greater support availability, a skilled support staff, and a designated Technical Account Manager who is actively engaged with your team. Your Premium cases are quickly owned and acknowledged by a senior support analyst, and benefit from daily status updates. Also, your Standard cases can be elevated to Premium if their severity increases.

Service Benefits

  • Enhance your daily operations by combining advanced services, best practices, and expert guidance for continuous services and availability.
  • Turn your GIS platform into a competitive advantage that helps your business stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business environment.
  • Maximize your uptime with an accelerated resolution times and reduced risk of downtime. A critical escalation process is automatically invoked for all issues with a significant or critical business impact.
  • Enjoy greater availability of services, while reducing operational costs.
  • Gain direct access to senior analysts in different technologies that are available to support your business and to provide you with an expedited solution.
  • Accelerate time to value, unlock your business outcomes, and enhance your efficiency through an effective technology adoption and better resource utilization.

Program Components

Premium Authorized Callers

A Premium Authorized Caller is a designated individual who may contact Esri online or by telephone to request a Premium case. As an International Premium Support customer, you are entitled to two (2) Premium Authorized Callers. For organizations that need to assign additional Premium Authorized Callers, Esri offers an add-on of Additional Authorized Callers.

When requesting a Premium Support case to Esri Inc., your Premium Authorized Caller must be prepared to provide your Esri customer number and as much information as possible regarding the issue being reported, such as the version of the software and operating system affected, steps to reproduce the problem, and the exact text of any error messages.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Premium Support TAMs are key members of Esri Support that provide your organization with strategic services. Your assigned TAM helps ensure that your organization's support needs and goals are met by:

  • Working directly with your organization's Premium Authorized Callers
  • Proactively informing your authorized callers of upcoming software news and updates
  • Actively monitoring and participating in the handling of all your organization's Premium Support cases
  • Acting as a liaison across various Esri Departments:
    • Liaison with Esri Development to address bugs
    • Liaison with Esri Distributors to update and resolve cases
    • Liaison with Esri Support to expedite case triaging and timely updates

Priority Case Routing

With International Premium Support, your Premium Authorized Callers are able to select where to route support cases, depending on the severity of the issue and whether it is during or outside your distributor's business hours.

Standard Support Case: One year of Standard Support is included with your purchase of a qualifying software product license, and is also included with your annual renewal of maintenance. As a Premium customer, you are encouraged to continue submitting Standard Support cases with your authorized local distributor for how-to and low-severity issues.

Premium Support Case: For high severity issues, you have the option to submit Premium cases with either Esri Inc. or your local distributor. You are encouraged to route Premium cases to Esri Inc. when submitting cases for high severity issues outside distributor business hours. Premium cases routed to Esri Inc. are owned and acknowledged within one hour of case submission per the Premium Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) by a senior support analyst.

Daily Case Status Updates

Your Premium Support cases will receive daily status updates to keep you frequently informed of any progress made on the case or any additional information that is needed from you.

24/7/365 Support

With International Premium Support, senior support analysts are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. Not only can you submit Premium cases at any time, high severity cases can, upon your request, be worked on by Esri Inc. 24/7/365 for constant progress towards a resolution.

Managed Case Escalation

Your Premium Authorized Callers may elevate your existing Standard cases to Premium by contacting your TAM. Once elevated to Premium, the case is reassigned to a senior support analyst at Esri Inc. Further escalation can also be achieved by contacting your TAM.

Proactive Reviews and Information Sharing

A key component of the International Premium Support program is a service review provided to you on a quarterly basis that is attended by your TAM, as well as the Premium Support Manager or other Esri staff, if required. The objective of this meeting is to review your Premium Support cases and to proactively communicate software news and updates.

International Premium Support Add-ons

International Premium Support offers additional features capable of addressing unique customer challenges. Add-ons are included at an additional cost and are provided directly by Esri Inc. Currently, Esri offers the following services as add-ons to the International Premium Support program:

  • Enterprise Testing Lab - ETL is a cloud-based virtual environment preconfigured with an operating system, Esri software, and data that mirrors the customer’s environment. The machine can be configured to provide you and Esri Support Analysts with local access for troubleshooting.

    The following are benefits of subscribing to ETL:
    • Provide Esri analysts with quick access to issues in a reproducible environment
    • Share logs and environments with Esri analysts for quick troubleshooting and resolution
    • Test hotfixes and patches before deploying them to the production environment
    • Spend less time configuring and adding test data for case reproduction
    • Encounter fewer errors while triaging and reproducing product issues
    • Minimize effort and time required to reconstruct data issues
    ETL is accompanied by a web-based application allowing the ease of virtual machine (VM) creation and configuration. With this service, customers can maintain virtual images within the ETL, allowing safe testing of configuration changes and updates. The ETL features an intuitive user interface and can be securely accessed from any computer with internet connectivity.

    VMs in the ETL are pre-installed with Esri software purchased with an Enterprise License Agreements (ELA) or are provided by Esri to be used in the ETL. VMs are also preconfigured with Microsoft Windows Server or Linux 64-bit, but the VMs are not to be integrated with customer’s Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), nor will the VMs be used for ArcGIS performance testing.

    ETL is highly recommended for Enterprise customers, as it reduces efforts spent reproducing software issues and minimizes time required for setting up remote access or screen sharing with Esri analysts. The TAM collaborates with Premium Support customers to configure the VM as a test environment for their organization.
  • Additional Authorized Callers - International Premium Support includes two (2) Premium Authorized Callers who may contact Esri for support issues. For large or global organizations that may require additional Premium Authorized Callers, Esri offers an add-on of additional Authorized Caller in the increment of one or more.

Requesting a case and other support workflows using My Esri

Premium Authorized Callers can submit Premium cases to Esri Inc. for their high severity issues by using My Esri (, the support website ( or via phone 24x7x365 (1-909-793-3774).

Premium Authorized Callers can also achieve other support workflows through My Esri, such as submitting Standard (or Premium) cases with their local distributor, escalating a bug or managing their list of authorized callers. Below is more information on My Esri as well as the steps for performing the various support workflows available to International Premium Support customers through My Esri.

My Esri - Signing in and navigating to the Support page

My Esri is a single location where you can manage all aspects of your relationship with Esri. My Esri consolidates your organization's information into a single experience, including data from Support, Customer Service, Events, and Training. My Esri also contains the software downloads and authorization numbers necessary for you to install and activate your Esri products.

Signing in:

You can sign in to My Esri by visiting There is a link to sign in on the upper-right corner of the page. You can use your existing Esri account to sign in. If you do not already have an existing Esri Account, you can create one from the sign in page on My Esri. If you already have an Esri ID, please provide it to your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to assist you in setting up your account on My Esri. My Esri allows you to be a member of multiple organizations. You may Request permission to connect to a new organization at any time. Once the organization’s administrator receives your request, they will determine if you should be granted access.

Steps for navigating to the Support page:

Step 1: Click on the tab My Organizations located at the top of My Esri page

Step 2: Ensure your organization (customer number) in the dropdown menu located in the upper right corner of My Esri page is selected

Step 3: Click on the subtab Support at the top of My Esri page

Step 4: Navigate to the various Support pages by clicking on the Support menu items located on the left of My Esri page: Support Overview, Recent Activity, Request Case, Manage System Profiles, Cases, Bugs, Hot Fixes, Authorized Callers

Note: certain Support workflows such as Request Case and Authorized Callers may not be accessible to you due to permissions. Contact your organization's My Esri administrator or TAM for help.

My Esri - Request Case

A Support Case is a record that contains technical notes and documentation of all related interactions between the customer and Esri Support for a given technical issue. Each case is assigned a unique identification number for reference and tracking.

Steps for submitting a case:

Step 1: Navigate to the Support page (see My Esri - Signing in and navigating to the Support page)

Step 2: Click Request Case

Step 3: Provide all the information requested in the Request Case form in order to effectively provide product information, machine configuration, details of the issue, the type of case (Standard or Premium) and whether you would like to submit your case to Esri Inc. or your local distributor.

Step 4: Review the Summary page presented at the end of the form which allows you to review and modify your request. Click Send Request to finalize the request. An automated email will be sent to the customer after the case is submitted.

Please note that in certain countries, My Esri can only submit cases to Esri Inc. If this is the case in your country, you will not see the option in My Esri where to submit your case, therefore please submit Premium cases via My Esri and Standard cases directly with your local distributor.

My Esri - Support Overview

Support Overview acts as a dashboard for various support activities. It allows you to see all the Support Cases and Bugs that were reported by your organization, which can be categorized by status (open or closed).

Click on Standard Cases, Premium Cases, or Bugs to access a list of these records. These records can be categorized by status by clicking on the Open or Closed buttons in the Support Overview page.

Note: most of the dates and times on My Esri are in Pacific Time (Los Angeles) (Universal Time Zone 8). However, the sources for some of our data are in systems that use different time zones. Also, if the name of your organization's is truncated, it is due to a to a 40 characters limitation in Esri's database. Organization names that are longer than 40 characters are carried over into the department field.

My Esri - Recent Activity

Recent Activity is a list of events that occur on your cases and bugs. Examples of Recent Activities:

  • A note was added by someone in your organization with permission to take actions on Support items
  • A note was added by Esri Support staff
  • The bug or case's status level was changed by Esri Support staff
  • The case's ownership was changed by Esri Support staff
  • A request was made to escalate, close, convert, or reopen a bug or case by someone in your organization with permission to take actions on Support items

My Esri - Manage System Profiles

System profiles provide a way for you to store your organization's system configurations. They are used when requesting cases. By storing your system configurations, you don't need to re-enter this information each time you submit a case.

A system profile can include more than one machine (such as a workstation and a server), and a machine can include more than one product (such as ArcGIS Network Analyst and CityEngine).

Note: machines cannot be removed from a system profile because they may be tied to a case you have submitted.

My Esri - Cases

Cases provides you with a list of all the Support Cases that were reported by your organization. You can narrow down the list of cases to display by using the various filters at the top of the list: Open, Closed, Submitter, Analyst, Product, Addtional Contact, and More Filters. You can cancel any of the filters applied by clearing them out using Filters Applied at the top of the list.

To view the details of a case in this list, click on the button Details or directly click on the case record.

My Esri - Case Details

The Case Details view includes additional information regarding case activities such as emails, phone records, and case resolution (closed cases). Also, you will be able to carry out some actions such as adding notes for analyst or requesting to close a case if you managed to resolve the issue on your own.

Case Details Actions:

  • Add Notes to the case
  • Request an Escalation (Note: When you request to escalate a case, a note is added to your case for the Esri Support Services Technical Team to review and take appropriate action. Esri reserves the right to decline this request. We do our best to provide quick resolutions to your issues and answers to your questions.)
  • Request to Close the case (Note: When you request to close your case, a note is added to your case and an Esri Support Services analyst is notified. The analyst will review your request and close the request for you. It requires some time to process each request.)
  • Request to Reopen the case (Note: When you request to reopen your case, a note is added to your case and an Esri Support Services analyst is notified. The analyst will review your request and reopen the case for you. It requires some time to process each request. Esri reserves the right to decline this request. We do our best to provide quick resolution of your issues and answers to your questions.)
  • Convert a Standard case to Premium (Note: Convert to Premium – Premium Authorized Callers can convert Standard cases to Premium with the following condition:)
    • The case must be open
    • The case must not already be Premium
    • Your organization must have an active Premium entitlement
    • Your organization must have Premium entitlements available
    • The requester must be a Premium authorized caller

My Esri - Bugs

Customers report what they believe to be software defects to Esri. Esri Support handles most of these cases and they work with customers to reproduce the reported issue. Once the issue has been reproduced in-house a formal defect is logged and a subsequent Bug-ID is assigned. Esri Development then reviews the Bug and determines the best course of action based on multiple factors including but not limited to: severity reported by customer, quantifiable impact, number of customers affected, release cycle status, architectural limitations, etc. Fixes are addressed in upcoming releases or general patches, in some cases bugs may be addressed as ad-hoc fixes.

Bugs provides you with a list of all the bugs attached to your cases. You can narrow down the list of cases to display by using the various filters at the top of the list: Open, Closed, Status, Severity, Product, and More Filters. You can cancel any of the filters applied by clearing them out using Filters Applied at the top of the list.

To view the details of a bug in this list, click on the button Details or directly click on the bug record.

My Esri - Bug Details

The Bug Details view provides basic information related to the bug such as status, version found and severity, as well as notes about the bug status and any alternate solution available. From here, you can request to escalate the bug to the User Advocacy Group.

My Esri - Bug Escalation

Premium Support cases attached to an existing bug or diagnosed as a new bug with Esri software receive a higher bug priority than Standard cases. However, you can still choose to escalate the bug through our User Advocacy Group (UAG) for consideration in upcoming service packs or releases.

Steps for escalating a bug:

Step 1: Navigate to the Support page (see My Esri - Signing in and navigating to the Support page)

Step 2: Click the Bugs tab and locate from the list the bug to be escalated

Step 3: Go to Case Details of the bug by clicking on the bug record or the Details next to the bug record

Step 4: Once in Case Details, click on the button Escalate

Step 5: Fill out the Escalate Bug form and click the Escalate Bug button to submit

Note: notify your TAM of any bug escalations you have submitted through My Esri so that your TAM can follow-up accordingly.

General Support Information

Esri has developed extensive support resources to help you maintain your systems, troubleshoot issues, and engage with the GIS community. This section provides you general information which will help you engage with the support team more easily.

Things to Know Before Contacting Support

  • Know your customer number, you will need it to submit a case.
  • Define authorized callers for your organization. Each caller needs a unique Esri Global ID and a unique phone number / extension combination.
  • If you want to add or change your authorized callers, contact your primary Technical Account Manager (TAM) with each user’s email ID and unique phone number / extension combination.
  • Take your time and explore Esri’s vast Knowledge Base. You will find solutions to several common issues, faster, and with 24x7 on demand availability.
  • Familiarize yourself with ArcGIS Ideas . This site is useful for logging enhancement requests.
  • Contact Technical Support

ARTICLE 1 — Definitions

The terms used are defined as follows:

  • "Authorized Caller(s)" means the Customer-designated individual who may contact Esri to request standard technical support (e.g., to report technical issues or request product assistance).
  • "Case" previously referred to as Incident, means the Esri record that contains technical notes and documentation of all related interactions between Customer and Esri Support Services for a given technical issue. Depending on how the request was initiated, Esri will provide phone, email, or chat confirmation of the Case creation. The Case will be given a unique identification number for reference and tracking.
  • "Customer" means Licensee as defined in the License Agreement.
  • "Customer Advocacy Program" means an Esri program that gathers feedback from customers in order to improve Esri products in future releases. Feedback is gathered through ideas, customer support cases, and customer support surveys.
  • "Customer Number" means a unique number created by Esri to identify each Customer office or site and that will be included on the invoice and/or packing list with any shipment.
  • "Hot Fix(es)" means a single fix in one of the specific functional areas that is critical to Customer (e.g., Customers production has stopped) Esri will send the Hot Fix to Customer as soon as Esri completes a technical feasibility assessment. With the Hot Fix, Esri will deliver documentation that will clearly identify the technical problems addressed and any limitations. Esri will conduct limited testing on Hot Fixes before providing them to Customer. Esri will incorporate Hot Fixes into subsequent service packs. Hot Fixes do not provide new functionality. Hot Fixes will only function with the associated Esri product type and release.
  • "Patch(es)" means a single fix (see Hot Fix[es]) or a set of related fixes that are in a specific functional area of the Esri product and will apply to multiple Esri customers. Once a Patch is released, it will be incorporated into a subsequent service pack release. Esri conducts limited testing on Patches before providing them to customers. Patches do not provide new functionality. Patches will only function with the associated Esri product type and release.
  • "Premium Authorized Caller" is an individual selected by Customer to submit Premium Cases and work directly with the assigned TAM.
  • "Premium Case" means a case that is opened as Premium or elevated from Standard to Premium.
  • "Qualifying Product(s)" means Esri's unmodified Products or Products that were modified by Esri or under Esri's direction and are eligible for some or all of the Maintenance benefits licensed to Customer subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement signed by Esri and Customer.
  • "Self-Paced E-Learning" means a collection of self-paced learning resources for the ArcGIS Platform, accessible from the Esri Training website.
  • "Software Updates" means a collection of files that enhance or correct a Qualifying Product and that will be available for Customer to download during the Maintenance term.
  • "TAM" means the Technical Account Manager who will be the primary point of contact for the coordination and escalation of Premium Cases.

ARTICLE 2 — Technical Support

  • Scope of Technical Support: During the Maintenance term, Qualifying Products will receive the level of technical support corresponding to the respective life cycle phase. Information on the Qualifying Product life cycle phase and the ArcGIS Product Life Cycle Support Policy can be found at Esri does not provide technical support for (a) sample applications; (b) patches received outside of a life cycle; or (c) third-party software, hardware, graphics cards, monitors, plotters, graphics printers, digitizers, modems, or similar peripherals that are not provided by Esri. However, Esri does answer questions about how to interface Esri products with supported devices.
  • Authorized Callers: Customer may designate a limited number of Authorized Callers per Qualifying Product. Customer may replace Authorized Callers at any time by notifying Esri Support Services or through the My Esri site. If Customer has an enterprise agreement, site license agreement, or paid Premium subscription with Esri, Authorized Callers will be identified by name in the corresponding agreement or documentation.
  • Resolution Time: After the Technical Support Case is logged, Esri will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide corrections to a technical issue or supply a workaround. While it is Esri's goal to provide an acceptable resolution to technical issues, Esri cannot guarantee that all technical issues can be fixed or resolved.
  • Priority Case Management: Priority Case management will include the following protocol:
      • Cases submitted by a Premium Authorized Caller and converted to a Premium Case will be given priority handling after the initial Case is created and documented (excluding chat Cases); and
      • The Customer Advocacy Program within Esri support services, created to improve Esri's ability to understand and respond to technical issues, will give priority to Qualifying Product defects affecting Customer.
  • Premium Response Time: Esri will make commercially reasonable efforts to call or send an email response within one (1) business hour of receipt of a new Premium Case, regardless of its severity level. Esri will provide a status update every business day until closure of the Premium Case.

ARTICLE 3 — Confidentiality

All data, conversations, and Cases are confidential in nature. Esri will treat all Cases (including Premium Cases) as confidential, using the same degree of care, but no less than reasonable care, as Esri uses to protect its own confidential information. Within ninety (90) days of closing a Case, Esri will delete or destroy all information provided within a Case, unless otherwise requested by Licensee, in writing, to delete specific datasets more than ninety (90) days closing a Case. This obligation to delete or destroy excludes information retained in backup media or other archival records maintained in the ordinary course of business that are not readily accessible by Esri personnel, or information retained for future review by Esri's development team.