Update to ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide WebHelp version


In the ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide WebHelp version, the links for the alphabetic pages under "Coordinate IDs and Descriptions" do not work correctly. This download provides updated pages for the WebHelp version.


To fix this problem, replace pcs_alpha.htm, gcs_alpha.htm, and dattrans_alpha.htm in your WebHelp directory with the three files in the ZIP or TAR file.

  • Download the ZIP or TAR file.
  • Unzip or Untar the file in the directory of your choice. The ZIP/TAR file contains pcs_alpha.htm, gcs_alpha.htm, and dattrans_alpha.htm.
  • Copy these files to the following WebHelp directory:
    • On Windows:   <your ArcIMS install directory>\Documentation\ArcXML_Guide\Support_files\elements
    • On UNIX and Linux:   <your ArcIMS install directory>/Documentation/ArcXML_Guide/Support_files/elements