Esri Roads and Highways 10.6.1 Issues Addressed


This announcement contains the list of issues addressed with the release of ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.6.1 specific to Esri Roads and Highways.


Esri Roads and Highways

  • BUG-000111027: Translate Events from LRM to LRM incorrectly calibrates event when the route diverges from an event; there is a retired event that spans the divergence, and a current event on at least one side of the divergence.
  • BUG-000110742: Realigning a route to create a gap calibrates the To Measure on event incorrectly.
  • BUG-000108543: No warning is given when making edits to an ALRS and the centerline sequence table is not registered as versioned.
  • BUG-000110740: The Update Intersection Points tool does not update some intersection points with the correct measures.
  • Git59 : Unable to complete edit operation on a route with 3600 or more calibration points.
  • BUG-000113472: Deleting a non-necessary calibration point causes event measures to change after applying updates.
  • BUG-000114098: Realign route does not apply the Cover event behavior correctly on gapped routes in different situations.
  • BUG-000114097: Extend Route at the beginning of a gapped route creates duplicate partial event when using Cover event behavior.
  • Git13 : Reassign Route: Non-Monotonic route warning may be erroneously given, but user is still able to finish the reassignment.
  • Git15 : Retiring an existing gapped portion of a route results in incorrect gap calibration applied for add and step methods.
  • BUG-000114323: Unhandled exception when realigning route with centerlines that are very close but not coincident.

  • Server
  • ENH-000105283: Add help documentation to clarify that using the Calculate Field function in the Event Editor selection table will update all records.
  • BUG-000111527: The Event Editor application fails to update after 20 minutes when a Linear Referencing Service (LRS) map service containing a small number of layers is used.
  • BUG-000112548: Hash line symbols do not display properly in Event Editor's Layers pane.
  • BUG-000112550: Map services fail to draw in Event Editor if dynamic layers is not enabled and the Layers pane is open.
  • BUG-000112607: Split Events tool in Event Editor requires you to specify a different date other than the current date when splitting an event for the second time.
  • Git56 : Event Editor: Switching to default Esri basemaps causes a map scale error message however, the basemap does load.