ArcView Database Access 1.1 Patch (Windows only)


This patch resolves a problem with Database Access on Informix Univeral Server SDE Servers.


This patch resolves the following problem for ArcView 3.1 Database Access users.

This patch resolves a problem with creating new spatial columns using Database Access on Informix Universal Server Spatial Database Engine (SDE) servers. The problem occurs when a new SDE Layer on the server is created using an SDE Connection Object through an Avenue script. An error is returned because connections made from the interface in ArcView Database Access 1.1 use a string with padded spaces to refer to a database on the Informix server. This patch trims the extra spaces thus resolving the data loading error.

You must already have ArcView 3.1 and ArcView Database Access installed to use this patch.

Supporting Files :