RouteMAP IMS Brochure


RouteMAP IMS offers an affordable out-of-the-box Internet Map Server designed for companies that wish to add mapping and routing capabilities to their Web sites. No programming is necessary to create custom maps with symbols for your unique company locations. Map data package options are offered that include all the map data needed to produce attractive Internet maps.


To assist you in developing RouteMAP IMS with the JAVA, and .NET API’s, we have made available the Object Model Diagram.

  • Developing RouteMAP IMS with the JAVA API’s: RouteMAP IMS is designed so companies can have total control over the Internet map publishing process. Applications can be created with ActiveX, Java, or .NET API’s. From here you can customize and publish an unlimited number of maps from your Web site.

  • Developing RouteMAP IMS with the.NET API’s: RouteMAP IMS reads ESRI shapefiles, allowing you to add custom map layers to your Internet mapping applications. Applications can be created with ActiveX, Java, or .NET API’s.

Supporting Files :