AXL2AXL Converter Utility for ArcIMS 3.1


The AXL2AXL Converter Utility can be used to convert map configuration files from ArcIMS 3.0 into files ready for ArcIMS 3.1.


Windows download

After downloading the ZIP file into any directory, run AXL2AXLSetup.exe. A readme file called axl2axl.pdf is included with the download. This file contains information on how to access and use the converter.

AXL2AXL Converter Utility for Windows

Solaris download

The following steps are used to install the AXL2AXL Converter for Solaris:

tar xf /axl2axl_solaris.tar

The Converter is then ready for use. Refer to the following document for detailed operating instructions:


AXL2AXL Converter Utility for Solaris