Production Mapping 10 Patch 1 for Esri Defense Mapping 10


This patch is now obsolete. All fixes have been included in Esri Defense Mapping 10 Service Pack 1.



Production Mapping 10 must be installed before you can install this update.

Steps to install:

  1. ArcMap and ArcCatalog must be closed.
  2. You must have administrator privileges.
  3. Download ProductionMapping10Patch1.msp.
  4. Navigate to and double-click the msp to start the install process.

Issues Addressed

  • NIM058380 Add Grid Data tool does not add the GRD_CLP Feature Class to Arcmap (OT59621)
  • OT59734 AQT does not read 10 gdbs
  • OT59807 PM Data Loader: improve performance when source/target DBs contain topologies
  • OT59741 Neatline clipping option in grid properties not persisted from 931 to 10
  • OT57825 Validation error in Annotation disappear on changing grid name
  • OT57905 Adapt UI to the 120 DPI screen mode
  • OT59508 Empty geometry error when switching grid layout command on two grids
  • OT59524 Set Orign Vertex tool should not be active outside an edit session
  • OT59375 GDB to Shape does not use the descriptions
  • OT60158 Editing: Calculate Layer Snapshot: Snapshot parameter is missing help description
  • OT58359 Editing: Nothing gets selected when Invert Selection is checked on in the Compare Snapshot Layer GP tool
  • OT59776 Editing: Product Advanced Query (AQt) does not make selections with valid query
  • OT59787 Editing: AQT throwing exception [OutOfMemoryException]
  • OT59865 Elements and Layout: Text elements are referenced and displayed as "Element Name::Text String", it should be just Element Name
  • OT59305 Elements and Layout: Graphic Table Element: 'ArcMap Drawing Errors' error window displays upon opening an MXD that contains a Graphic Table Element
  • OT59176 Feature Builder: Context menus and tool functionality disappears when FB Pinprick tool is used to select a point feature
  • OT60610 Feature Manager: When multiple workspaces are loaded, load templtes from View will load templates for non editable workspace and list in create tab
  • OT60335 Feature Manager: Manage Features - Update Tab - Use as Template function ignores XML Field content
  • OT60372 Feature Manager: Load Template from View fails to load when using a Version with the Product Library Set
  • OT60299 Feature Manager: Manage Features - Update tab - Custom Attributes tab fails to load on initial object selection
  • OT60239 Feature Manager: Apply templates from FM context menu does not work
  • OT59953 Feature Manager: Create Tab Apply does not work with Class data (when batch job is associated)
  • OT59680 Feature Manager: Load Templates from view performance
  • OT59297 Feature Manager: Copy and Paste of XML fields
  • OT60240 Import Export: PM Create Replica: Tool fails with a generic "execute error" in cases where the core tool completes successfully
  • OT59412 Import Export: User should be able to select shapefile under Show of type for PM data load tools in Catalog
  • OT58918 Linear Referencing: SLD Wizard crashes ArcMap when run on SQLExpress Database
  • OT56788 MPS: If saved layer inside def query set does not exist in the TOC, the layer in the FDS tool just doesn't appear - rather than displaying in red text.
  • OT57849 MPS: ArcSoc/ ArcSom will crash if compare layout tool is run in background on a large dataset
  • OT60556 Product Library: Empty Geometries created when building PL tree
  • OT60496 Product Library: disconnecting with PL causes runtime error and arcmap crash
  • OT60357 Product Library: Production Database is not staying set after clicking OK
  • OT60149 Product Library: User cannot see the product just created in PL treeview if the visibility is set to false
  • OT60084 Product Library: When create a new product under a series, the product is automatically checked out
  • OT59859 Product Library: Checking in product with "keep check out" on, dosn't keep product checked out
  • OT59864 Product Library: Extraction settings being extracted wrong when DMVTemplates folder has pre-existing databases for same DMV
  • OT59647 Product Library: Custom steps need to account for multi-user SDE scenario
  • OT59676 Product Library: Editor connection to PL does not persist
  • OT59700 Product Library: Unable to checkout product mdf file
  • OT57984 Product Library: Checkin status dialog hides New Document dialog
  • OT58006 Product Library: Current Entry not getting set after clean up and import of DDP
  • OT58178 Product Library: Check Out - Specify alternate mxd not honoured on step execution
  • OT59060 Product Library: Custom WMX and PL steps - Production Properties not retained correctly
  • OT59133 Product Library: WMX steps - PL cleared out from production properties after executing check-out step
  • OT59183 Product Library: While checking in [keeping added data set from checked out] Product moves to mixed state [mxd checked in and mdf checked out]
  • OT59212 Product Library: Context menus and additional functionality disappears when features are edited/deleted in Manage Features window
  • OT59240 Product Library: Copy as Link and Paste not allowing Paste
  • OT59252 Product Library: Save method on PL(when called from another app) overwrites some properties in PLTSInfo.mdb
  • OT59372 Product Library: Undo Checkout automatically occurs for Checked out product
  • OT59386 Product Library: While setting the Production properties using PLEDITOR connection, it ask for upgrade even though PL is set
  • OT59426 Product Library: Saved MXD changes do not persist when product MXD is opened from local machine instead of from the PL
  • OT59449 Product Library: Autoupdate set to true does not allow FCT to be read
  • OT59548 Product Library: On re-opening Arcmap, user loosing previously set PL connections
  • OT59557 Product Library: Check in dialog has several issues
  • OT60477 Reviewer: Unhandled exception encountered on trying to import 9.2 Reviewer table
  • OT59768 Reviewer: Workspace not changed automatically for batch with Unique ID check in Oracle
  • OT59661 Reviewer: Set data source re-sourcing data inconsistently on SQLServer Express 2008
  • OT60579 Symbology: Suppress outline does not honor Polygon feature with hole (ver 10)
  • OT60358 Symbology: When using "Keep Current Map Settings" option for "Layer List" setting, Views do not apply
  • OT60414 Symbology: Layer List Override settings are not being honored
  • OT59877 Symbology: Symbology setting are not getting persisted when switching views
  • OT59597 Symbology: Views losing multiple properties from 931 to 10
  • OT59296 Symbology: Feature Display settings tool is not saving DefQuerySets correctly
  • OT59578 Symbology: If layer has representations, Views cannot change renderer back to Default symbology

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 909.793.3774 if you have any difficulty installing. International sites, please contact your local Esri software distributor.