ArcLogistics Route 3.0 SP 1


We recommend that you download and install this Service Pack at your earliest convenience. This Service Pack contains several improvements and maintenance fixes.



This update contains several improvements and maintenance fixes in ArcLogistics Route 3.0. In addition, it updates some of the components used in the software.

Issues Addressed with this Patch

  • CQ00158051 Default time windows not considered while importing orders
  • CQ00172665 Incorporate Hot fixes 1,2 and 4:
    CQ00180625 ALR freezes if zoom to selected route is used to zoom to a route which has its display turned off
    CQ00180627 ALR extraction has been slowed down during topology building
    CQ00180628 Assign to specific route fails for RouteIDs over 10000
  • CQ00172683 Add ability to set ALR bin path to alrlex.dll
  • CQ00172684 Add Multilizer 5 project
  • CQ00153669 ArcLogistics Route erases comment field if over 256 characters or if in memo format
  • CQ00163627 Translating the export file types leads to incorrect behavior and errors during export
  • CQ00167319 Time windows that start on day 2 are not exported correctly
  • CQ00173243 Should update to MapObject 2.1 sp 3
  • CQ00160770 Incorrectly allows changing routed order's Day of delivery

Files Installed in this Patch

  • Under the ArcLogistics Route\bin directory


  • Under the Program Files\Common Files\ESRI directory

Installing the Patch

You must have ArcLogistics Route 3.0 installed before you can install this Service Pack.

Installation instructions:

  1. Make sure you have administrator privileges and that no one is using ArcLogistics Route.
  2. Download the ArcLogistics Route 3.0 Service Pack 1 (EXE format, 2.8 MB).
  3. Double click the downloaded file to start the install process.
  4. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

Identifying QFE files on your machine

To check for the presence of Quick Fixes, examine the unique identification information by a (right click, properties, version tab) action under Explorer. Select 'Comments' under the 'Item name' column to see the unique identifier. The identification string for this QFE should read: ESRI ALR300-SP1 10/31/02