BusinessMAP 5 Patch: Upgrade Compatibility with Custom Symbols


If you have created maps with custom symbols (brought in your own icons) in an earlier version of BusinessMAP (4.5, 4.0, or 3.5), download this file. Replace the dcdll.dll file that is installed with version 5.0 after the upgrade with this one before you open your older maps. In some cases, custom symbols make it impossible to re-open a map once the map has been opened in version 5 the first time.


This patch is only for those that have upgraded from an earlier version and have created maps using their own bitmap (bmp) symbols on the map. This dll file fixes a compatibility issue with those maps as long as the maps have not yet been opened in version 5. If these maps with custom symbols have been opened in version 5, prior to applying this patch, the file will be corrupt and you will be unable to open the map in version 5 or previous versions. Place this file in the c:/program files/businessmap directory (assuming BusinessMAP is installed in the default directory), replacing the dcdll.dll file that is there.

Supporting Files :