PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation Service Pack 3


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation Service Pack.



We recommend that customers download and install this Service Pack at their earliest convenience. This service pack upgrades PLTS for ArcGIS Foundation to version (build 925). This service pack includes all fixes addressed with previous PLTS 9.2 Foundation service packs and patches.

Note: You must install ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3 or greater before installing this service pack.

Note: If you have a PLTS Solution installed, please ensure you also install the appropriate service pack for the solution:

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

Foundation Tools:

1378 PLTS Feature Builder-Multi dimensional intersect tool generates incorrect number of line features
1380 PLTS Feature Builder-Geodesic Buffered Segment not working properly
1383 PLTS Advanced Query-Change cursor to hourglass when Field Calculator is running
1384 PLTS Feature Builder-Function names needs to be updated with new function names in scratch database
1386 PLTS Feature Builder-Buffered Segment fails if the buffer distance is less than cluster tolerance for the scratch db
1397 PLTS Advanced Query-Fields not populating for multiple layer options when layers are grouped
1400 PLTS Advanced Query-Sometimes get exceptions when adding or removing layers from TOC
1401 PLTS Advanced Query-Get an exception when you start editing after running Advanced Query
1406 PLTS Feature Builder-Need Reset Inputs option
1423 PLTS Feature Builder-Circle Bearing: Two line segments are drawn instead of arcs
1425 PLTS Feature Builder-Arc function: Exception occured
1426 PLTS Feature Builder-Arc function: Exception occurred when start and end angle has same value
1441 PLTS Feature Builder-Bearing Intersection does not create features over about 260 nautical miles
1480 GDB To Coverage-Usability issue with Data Input Mode form
1481 GDB to Coverage-Label in Please Select coverages to create dialog is confusing
1739 PLTS Advanced Query-Get unhanded exception error when selecting features after they have been grouped
1740 PLTS Advanced Query-CMYK option not working to create display color
2013 PLTS Feature Builder-Merge and Dice Polygon not working simultaneously on the same features
2466 Additional Display Fields check boxes do not appear on the Select Features Using a Query dialog.
2491 PLTS Feature Builder-Settings that are not universal should be moved to appropriate functions as parameters
2707 Target tab errors out w/ FFT w/ duplicate field names
2956 PLTS Feature Builder-Circle function is not creating circles of the same size
2964 Create Polygon Grid-Issue in number of digits that a cell can accept before decimal place.
3078 Clicking on the border of the PLTS Target tab throws PLTSAttCenterTabs msgbox
3126 PLTS Feature Builder-Executing the Simple Polyline or Simple Polygon functions crashes ArcMap
3129 PLTS Feature Builder-Points created with the PinPrick tool are not being adding to edit workspace
3137 Create MBR warning message has a typo
3297 ArcMap.exe Application Error appears after closing ArcMap
3328 PLTS Feature Builder-FB Input coordinates populate extremely large Long coordinate value
3329 "When deleting Scratch features, clear out the coordinate inputs"
3365 "Unable to add directly to Edit workspace, only to Scratch database"
3367 PLTS Feature Builder-Enhancement: Allow user to control input coordinate precision
3442 PLTS Start Edit tool should automatically set the edit task to PLTS Create New Feature
3461 Core PLTS Unexpected program error when creating polygon grid over selected extent
3578 .NET Broadcoast Window Error occurs when exiting ArcCatalog
3581 PLTS Feature Builder-Circle function will not create feature in feature class that is z-enabled
3610 Get exceptions when change attributes in AQT and changes are not saved
3625 Populate z for selected feature(s) does not work for point features
3686 PLTS Feature Builder-Features Don't Become Highlighted When Selected with PinPrick Tool
3691 PLTS Feature Builder-Segment Bearing function creates an additional line
3748 PLTS Selection/Target Tab runtime validation slow with many subtypes...
3750 PLTS Selection/Target Tab runtime validation slow with many subtypes (PROGRESSBAR)...
3793 PLTS Feature Buider-Arc (Azmiths) feature does not draw arcs of the correct length in southern hemisphere
3794 Create Polygon Wizard incorrectly parses strings
3795 PLTS Feature Builder-Arc (Azmiths) function creates extra lines at or south of 15 degrees 35 minutes south latitude
3797 PLTS Feature Builder-Circle Segment function distorts in North and makes only a wedge in south
3848 PLTS Feature Builder-Arc (Azmith and End Point) function does not have accurate end points
3872 PLTS Feature Builder-No end point created for Arc (Azimuth and End Point)
3954 Target and Selection Tabs-Alter precedence of domains assigned to feature classes (FFT w/ unattached domains)...
3993 Tool command buttons have no tool tips on AQT
4011 Receive .NET error when Cancel is clicked on the Feature Builder Settings dialog box
4072 Socet for ArcGIS users cannot utilize Favorite in PLTS Target during 3D extraction
4092 Enhancement - Label and Description in Components Tab have code looking names
11773 "Getting ""Item not found in this collection"" error when importing AAFIF"
18921 Target and Selection Tabs-Runtime validation not recognizing populated values when you click Apply
18948 Target and Selection Tabs-Add Esc option for users to stop the selection process
19174 Ancillary Data Loader fails to load AAFIF
19639 PLTS ZPop causes data shift when using surface...
1473 Internationalization Testing- Invalid Date format upon launching Magnetic Calculator dialog
2033 WMM Calculator-Grid Variation output is incorrect
2034 WMM Generate Isolines-Grid Variation output is wrong.
2047 WMM Calculator-Creating new feature class w/GP tool 'unregisters' data as 'versioned'
2449 Select Features Dialog-Allows you to choose a geodatabase rather than a layer
2575 Icon needed for PCat Properties toolbar button
2598 CKB File Browse dialog needs to have filtering capability
2612 Unable to set CKB when no CKB is set from Product Navigator tab
2760 Product Navigator Series- Missing Check In Template context menu
2761 Product Navigator Series- Missing Check Out Template context menu
2909 Product-Open and Close dialog box titles misleading
3000 Delete tables and feature class or add warning message when class is deleted
3014 Layer not removed when Series node deleted
3025 WMM Isoline Generator-Input Bowse Dialog Drop down box lists filters twice.
3050 Layers not removed from the TOC if user changes ckb
3094 Product Navigator Class-Exception on specifying product.xml file
3106 Product Navigator-Sort button not sorting properties correctly on property page
3113 Product Navigator-No layer is loaded when checked on class and series node as navigator
3304 "Product Navigator-Renaming product mxd in New Product dialog box produces ""Property Value is Not Valid"" error"
3387 Product Navigator-Special Characters cannot be used in Class/Series/Product/Instance/AOI names
3414 Coordinate Precision value not getting set in InfoDB
3441 Central Knowledge Base property is not being maintained in different applications
3585 Isoline Generator-Error in Creating Constant Raster
3586 Isoline Generator-Drawing Error appears when attempting to draw the costant raster
3605 WMM Isoline Generator: Fails to acknowledge selection on map when feature layer is chosen as input.
3618 Instances maintained are not seen under Instances Maintained dialog
3619 Magnetic Isolines GP tool creates output feature class with undefined spatial reference
3673 Product Catalog Viewer is not working when MXDs are changed
3694 Users can't delete product class without deleting all dependent items first
3760 Product Navigator-Undo check out from PN Product level not working
3762 Product Navigator-User cannot rename product MXD
3765 Getting error Retrieving the COM class factory on install on 64-bit machine
3782 PropertyManager Getting error message Access to the PLTSInfoDB.xml is denied
3801 "Product Navigator-Entry Type Property Dropdown showing all entry types, not those associated with the entry type"
4101 Memory Corrupt error on startup and close of ArcMap/ArcCatalog when you are not logged in as Admin
4110 "Batch Set Data Source crashing, corrupt MXD's as result. "
4138 Unhandled Exception occurred when I tried to load CKB through ArcCatalog
4146 Can no longer set the product database when you set the central knowledge base
4930 Unable to Upgrade CKB in SQL Server or Oracle
4932 Exception on startup of ArcMap
11761 CDR Selection in PLTS Properties does not update when ArcCatalog Connection Properties are changed
11765 CDR ellipses sometimes does not bring up browse window in PLTS Properties dialog box
11770 Switching data models locks PLTS Properites
11776 Product Catalog viewer not setting with Data Frame Properties
11794 Ability to Check-in existing MXDs to PN needs to be addressed
19366 Error encountered when closing ArcCatalog
19434 File Close Dialog not showing up when the Close command is clicked on Product Node
22174 Adding feature classes to ArcMap with the Product Navigator tab active crashes ArcMap
22176 The Set Data Source browser button doesn't remember the last path...

GIS Data ReViewer:
1117 Sampling Tool-All Text inputs need to support Unicode
1128 Users are able to rename the Data Check group title.
1134 Invalid Geometry records returned from Batch Validate don't have User-Defined Fields populated
1135 Batch Validate-Disable Remove button unless Job is selected
1140 Evaluate Vertex Count-Parameters field always has leading comma
1144 Eval Poly Perimeter & Area-Review status needs additional description for one option
1145 Invalid Hole check-Reword Reviewstatus field
2415 Domain Check w/ NULL option-Messages in ReViewer table Notes/RevStatus do not report fieldname
2416 Custom CNT fails to generate messages in log file
2447 Unique ID Check returns error message
3203 Evaluate Intersection Count Check has problem when SQL Where Clause is added
3204 Unique ID-Error message when check run with table selected
3205 Help for starting a ReViewer session doesn't match actual screen
3206 "Evaluate Intersection Count Check fails to return valid records with ""Where Clause"" condition"
3287 Error message when running Table Feature Attribute check
3288 Exception message for Table Feature Attribute Check

1881 JOG Location Diagram-Data frame associated with the location diagram cannot be removed from TOC.
1887 Database Element Library-Basic elements inside group not sized correctly when page in different units
1916 GTE doesn’t honor horizontal placement rule set in element rules manager
1940 Visual Specifications-Large recordsets with relational query on text strings not calculating values
1946 Views don't honor VVT renderer
1950 Visual Specifications-Personal SDE Workspace not displayed in Advance view
1969 Grid Designer-Processor usage spikes when you define a grid type
1975 Grid Designer-Endpoint symbol button brings up symbol editor not symbol selector
1982 Grid Processor-Annotation - Display leading zeros option not working on DMS format on single digits
1986 Grid Creation Wizard-Provide option to change cluster tolerance on new grids
1987 Grid Creation Wizard-Add option to change cluster tolerance before grid is created
2005 TLM Boundary Guide Box¬-Elements not aligned properly when generated
2172 Graphic Table Element-Incorrect Context Menu Behavior in Data Items dialog box
2419 Views do not recognize raster layers
2444 Visual Specifications Proposed Enhancement-Honoring Definition Queries
2458 PMC crashes ArcMap
2461 Visual Specifications-Relationship classes in Calc and Drop Visual Specification GP unspecified error
2609 PLTS Export Map tool not accessible in ArcCatalog
2694 ArcMap crashes when going to PLTS->Project and Mapsheet Catalog
2705 Graphic Table Element-Feature_SpatialReference_XY property in Expression Builder returns empty value
2838 Adjoining map sheets dynamic text not returning correct values.
3112 GTE does not honor defination query when used with a Map Series.
3357 MXD saved with relative path is not sourcing with PLTS 9.2 Foundation installed
3395 MGRS style of annotation does not make annotation features
3444 Schema lock error not messaged correctly in Calc Spec GP tool
3505 Grid Creation Wizard auto-calculates ONC zippers starting one zone too far to the left
3565 Set Current Map Sheet causes rotated dynamic text to shift position
3612 Adding text before link causes dynamic text to shift position
3614 Dynamic text does not update after you click Refresh
3635 VST GP Tool not calculating rule correctly
3643 VST Calculated Text Rules very slow to calculate
3647 Add Rows to header from the standard menu does not work
3667 Grid Manager-Setting interval units and then setting coordinate system changes interval units
3767 Atlas Command crashes if incorrect number of map sheets entered
3895 Select AOI no longer defaults to feature layer when you start the wizard with features selected
3973 Calculate Visual Specification GP Tool does not refresh map.
3975 Grid Manager-Object variable not set error on visible extent grid after selected feature grid created
4123 Text strings not calculating when text string is verified and applied
4128 Anchor point doesn't save in GTE Table Properties
11764 Dynamic text does not support international character sets
18007 Feature Layer dynamic text is not returning correct adjoining features
18981 Dynamic text shifts after exporting multiple map sheets
19178 When Map Page Size is set to cm the scale bar increases in size after adding dynamic text
19195 Clip To Shape does not honor data frame rotation in overview window
19389 JOG location diagram not recognizing set scale
1877 Refresh issues with the Select Name Field property page

3124 PLTS Create Hole - Text needs to be changed
3205 Help for starting a ReViewer session doesn't match actual screen
3331 ReViewer Table Generate Statistics text needs revision
3681 Right-click on map series name and some commands do not have help documentation
3702 Help Topic on adding Data Sources in GTE has a Broken Link.
3821 Better detail needed for Navigator documentation on Active and Official
15666 GDB2Cov changes require updates to help
19205 PLTS Help for ReViewer Batch Job Manager doesn't match actual screen
20913 Populate Z from surface requires 3D Anaylst be installed

Files Installed with this service pack

o New CalculateBridgeOverrides_MPSAtlas.xml
o New CDR_BaseToolVersion_GX.xml
o New CKB_Upgrade_92.640.3.0_GX.xml
o New EditingCoreADF.olb
o New EditingCoreCOM.dll
o New EditingCoreOLB.olb
o New EditingDesktopADF.olb
o New EditingDesktopCOM.dll
o New EditingDesktopOLB.olb
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingCoreADF.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingCoreOLB.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopADF.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopOLB.dll
o New PNService.exe
o New RESprjACPLTSToolbar.dll
o Replace AtlasCommand.exe
o Replace AtlasCommand.pdb
o Replace CDR_Base_GX.xml
o Replace CKB_Base_GX.xml
o Replace CKB_Upgrade_92.640.2.0_GX.xml
o Replace csFeatureBuilder.HLP
o Replace graphic_table_element.lif
o Replace PCat_Base_GX.xml
o Replace UniBoxVB12.ocx
o Replace AddFeatOnCreate.dll
o Replace AncillaryDataLDR.dll
o Replace AtlasDesktopCOM.dll
o Replace AttCenterExt.dll
o Replace BadGeometryTools.dll
o Replace ContourEnhancement.dll
o Replace CreateVVTs.dll
o Replace creating_geodatabases_with_plts.chm
o Replace creating_geodatabases_with_plts.lif
o Replace DanglesAndPseudosRenderer.dll
o Replace DbsVPFImporter.dll
o Replace editing_feature_attributes_plts.chm
o Replace editing_feature_attributes_plts.lif
o Replace editing_features_in_plts.chm
o Replace editing_features_in_plts.lif
o Replace ElementsWrapper.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Display.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Data.AttributionCenterExt.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Data.ContourEnhancement.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ElementLibraryManager.Engine.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ElementLibraryManager.UI.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.FoundationToolsMenu.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.FoundationToolsMenu.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.GDBToCov.GDBToCovCommand.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.GDBToCov.GDBToCovCommand.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.PMCMainMenu.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ValidationManager.COM.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.COM.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.COM.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Desktop.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Lib.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Lib.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.LibUI.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.LibUI.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.StorableLayout.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManager.UI.CreateGridWizard.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManagerVB.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.dll
o Replace esriPLTSReviewerDesktopCOM.dll
o Replace esriPLTSReviewerEngine.dll
o Replace FeatureCount.dll
o Replace FeatureDisplaySettings.dll
o Replace Fonts.zip
o Replace FoundationTools.dll
o Replace FrameworkCore.olb
o Replace FrameworkCoreCOM.dll
o Replace FrameworkDesktop.olb
o Replace FrameworkDesktopCOM.dll
o Replace GdbToShp.exe
o Replace GDBToXRef.exe
o Replace GenericCNTExtensions.dll
o Replace getting_started_with_plts.chm
o Replace getting_started_with_plts.lif
o Replace gis_data_reviewer.chm
o Replace gis_data_reviewer.lif
o Replace grid_manager.chm
o Replace grid_manager.lif
o Replace GridManager.dll
o Replace GteCore.dll
o Replace GteDesktopExt.dll
o Replace GteUI.dll
o Replace ImportExportSettings.exe
o Replace ImportExportSettings.pdb
o Replace ImportTopoErrs.dll
o Replace interop.msscript.dll
o Replace interop.riched20.dll
o Replace interop.scrrun.dll
o Replace KnowledgeBaseLoader.exe
o Replace MagneticCalculator_foundation.xml
o Replace MagneticIsolines_foundation.xml
o Replace map_production_system.chm
o Replace map_production_system.lif
o Replace MapHelper.dll
o Replace MetadataExtension.dll
o Replace MGExtension.dll
o Replace mps_atlas.chm
o Replace mps_atlas.lif
o Replace MPSAddField.exe
o Replace MPSBridgeRenderer.dll
o Replace MPSCartoTools.dll
o Replace MPSCompileRoutine.dll
o Replace MPSCreateMap.dll
o Replace MPSDesignSeries.dll
o Replace MPSDistributor.exe
o Replace MPSGENERICCN.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICGL.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICLG.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICNT.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICSB.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICTG.ocx
o Replace MPSICMAS.ocx
o Replace MPSICMBG.ocx
o Replace MPSICMCL.ocx
o Replace MPSICMMR.ocx
o Replace MPSImporter.exe
o Replace MPSJOGACG.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGAET.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGAGR.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGALD.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGAMR.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGARD.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGLEGEND.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50BG.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50CG.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50MR.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50MS.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50NA.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50SG.ocx
o Replace MPSTLMAS.ocx
o Replace MPSTLMEG.ocx
o Replace MPSUSGS75NA.ocx
o Replace MPSUSGSState.ocx
o Replace OverviewWindow.dll
o Replace plts.awa
o Replace plts.chm
o Replace plts.lif
o Replace plts_foundation_toolbox.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_toolbox.lif
o Replace plts_foundation_tools.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_tools.lif
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_toolbox.chm
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_tools.chm
o Replace PLTS_PAAT.dll
o Replace PLTS_PAATCalcs.dll
o Replace PLTSAttCenterTabs.dll
o Replace PLTSCreateAOI.ocx
o Replace PLTSDataLoader.exe
o Replace PLTSDatePicker.ocx
o Replace PLTSDesktopAdmin.exe
o Replace PLTSDesktopLicense.dll
o Replace PLTSExtractData.dll
o Replace PLTSFdInstall.dll
o Replace PLTSFdSolInstall.dll
o Replace PLTSFoundation.bat
o Replace PLTSFoundationUn.bat
o Replace PLTSGacUtil.exe
o Replace PLTSImageAccessLib.dll
o Replace PLTSMapGridToFeatureClass.dll
o Replace PltsMpsInstall.dll
o Replace PLTSNavTextFile.ocx
o Replace PLTSOutputExtensions.dll
o Replace PLTSOutputExtensionsUI.dll
o Replace PLTSPickList.ocx
o Replace PLTSRenderer.dll
o Replace PLTSRenProp.dll
o Replace PLTSSubRenProp.dll
o Replace PMC.dll
o Replace PMCReportWord.dll
o Replace PMCSourceBuilder.dll
o Replace PMCTitleInformation.ocx
o Replace PreLoadValidate.exe
o Replace PreProcessUMLModel.exe
o Replace prjACPLTSToolbar.dll
o Replace prjFeatureOnSubtype.dll
o Replace prjSampling.dll
o Replace RefreshToggle.dll
o Replace RevFrequency.dll
o Replace SeeSpotColor.exe
o Replace SelectAndIdentify.dll
o Replace SelectNamedFeatures.dll
o Replace StorableLayoutCore.dll
o Replace Styles92.zip
o Replace symbolizing_data_in_plts.chm
o Replace symbolizing_data_in_plts.lif
o Replace SymQA.dll
o Replace TOCManager.dll
o Replace ValidationManager.dll
o Replace vbTree2.dll
o Replace visual_specifications_tool.chm
o Replace visual_specifications_tool.lif
o Replace what_s_new_in_plts_for_arcgis.chm
o Replace what_s_new_in_plts_for_arcgis.lif
o Replace working_with_cartographic_elements_in_plts.chm
o Replace working_with_cartographic_elements_in_plts.lif
o Replace XML_Format.pdf

Installing the Service Pack

1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.

2. The CD or network location PLTS was originally installed from must be available. For instance, if PLTS was installed from a CD, the CD must be available during the service pack install. Copy the service pack to a local folder and have the PLTS software CD in the CD drive while installing. If PLTS was installed from a network location the location must be available during the service pack install.

3. Double-click the PLTSFoundation92_SP3.msp and follow the installation instructions.

Note: If the .msp extension is currently being used by another program and double clicking the .msp does not start the install process the service pack can be run from the command line.

Launching the service pack from command line:

1. At a DOS command prompt, type 'msiexec.exe' to see if msiexec.exe can be found without specifying its full path.

2. If Step 1 returns a message box from the Windows Install, proceed to Step 3. If it is not found, search your computer for 'msiexec.exe', usually found in the system32 folder, and note the full path when found.

3. At a DOS command prompt use the following syntax to run the .msp file directly:

C:>\path\msiexec.exe /p path\.msp

C:>\msiexec.exe /p C:\temp\PLTSFoundation92_SP3.msp

An article on command line installations can be found on the ESRI support site at:
HowTo: Install a .msp file that is not recognized as a patch file

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


Supporting Files :