PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Service Pack 2


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Service Pack.



This service pack will upgrade PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution to version In addition to the issues addressed, the service pack will introduce the product catalog, which will be available from the Product Navigator tab in the ArcMap table of contents. The product catalog will allow you to manage all the hard-copy and data projects with which you are working.

Note: You must install ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3 before installing this service pack.

Note: You must install PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation Service Pack 2 before installing this service pack.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

1199 Need ability to hide Chart Leads
1201 Update Anno removes most or all arrowheads
1202 Extension to set _Exceptions def queries does not set at startup.
1203 Batch Masking Tool—Inconsistent behavior with multiple data frames loaded.
1204 Anno Rotation (DOD model)—Anno rotation quirks
1212 Batch Chart Lead form should be open on non available feature class
1215 AeroCommander Waypoint Symbology Using Showit Values of ATS Routes to Determine Waypoint Symbology
1216 Aero Commander Facility Forming Radial process not referencing waypoints outside of PMC shape
1218 Buffered Polygon Renderer—Random Buffered Polygon Renderer logs
1222 PLTS Feature Builder—Procedure Leg HA HF HM Errors and throws exceptions with certain parameters
1223 PLTS Feature Builder—Procedure Leg PI Produces incorrect results near the equator
1225 PLTS Feature Builder—Procedure Leg PI & HA,HF,HM Functions do not populate Label or Description fields in table
1226 Rotate Anno to Page Rotate Anno to Page produces warning messages for ENAME T-2 Arctic Polar
1227 PLTS Feature Builder—Procedure Leg PI should only be available in Geodetic Library
1230 AIS model—Modify Margins tool not working
1231 Aero Export Map Model—Unable to specify any mxd
2011 Chart Indicator—Text alignment tab not working
2401 HA, HF, HM leg should be considered to be drawn 180 degrees opposite to the Azimuth.
2405 Overflow Box—Tool form launches on error
2426 AIS Model Schema Changes for ATSRoute
2467 DOD model—Aero Load giving edit session error
2474 Refire Annotation Error
2496 Clockwise Parameter is reversed for PI Procedure Leg
2507 Load not updating geometry for some ABA mods
2510 DOD model—Create Air Boundary Lines Tool Fails
2513 DOD model—Modify Margins Not Modifying Margins
2515 DOD model—Hot Key abbreviations missing
2522 Aero Update—The load is failing for DoD db.
2527 Cartographic Exception Documentation-Incorrect screenshot for statistics tool report
2591 Huge arrowheads in 9.2 Enroute charts
2641 No progress bar when running Aero Commander
2928 Toolbars not changing when data model version is updated
2944 DOD model—Ident Concat Process Giving Error when Processing ATS Routes with "Null" Ident Concat Fields
3018 Check All and UnCheck All buttons missing from FLA and NFLA Form
3033 Selecting MultiNavaid anno crashes ArcMap
3062 Climbrate table missing clientkey_id
3108 Procedure Legs missing start point information for non-designated point start points
3131 Minima and/or MinimaApproach missing clientkey_id
3172 DOD model—Rotate Features to Grid doesn't work
3268 AeroFFRsProcessing fails when run
3282 Exception on opening ArcMap with PLTS toolbars open
3284 Scale bar—Left-hand label disappears for Bottom orientation
3342 DOD—Chart Selection dialog box need to resize
3350 Cartographic Exception statistic tool does not refresh data on changing CDR
3384 Feature class/tables name lengths need to be less than 30 characters for Oracle db's
3440 DOD model—Chart Notes in Load vs. Middle Layer
3519 DOD model—Anno Tools Not Working on Chart Notes Anno
3548 Central databases- unwanted message box on apply
3571 Carto Commander not working with Current CKB/CDR.
3620 Tool not displaying the index table
3641 Current PCV doesn't show up in Masking Rule Editor
3658 Aero Futura Fonts not appearing correctly
3661 Instance Maintained issues with AC
3666 AeroCommander Error—Waypoint Notes

Files Installed with this service pack

o New administering_the_product_catalog.chm
o New administering_the_product_catalog.lif
o New Aeronautical_Settings.xml
o New AIS_Charting_data_dictionary.lif
o New ais_data_dictionary.lif
o New foundationInterfaces.olb
o New ResAeroAnno.dll
o New ResPCatControlProj.dll
o New working_with_the_product_catalog.chm
o New working_with_the_product_catalog.lif
o Replace Aero_SplitCallout.dll
o Replace AeroAirspaceTools.dll
o Replace AeroAnchorPointMover.dll
o Replace AeroAnno.dll
o Replace AeroAnnoRotation.dll
o Replace AeroATSAnnoHider.dll
o Replace AeroATSRouteHider.dll
o Replace AeroBoundaries.dll
o Replace AeroCharting.dll
o Replace AeroCommander.dll
o Replace AeroDBSynch.exe
o Replace AeroDebugEditExt.dll
o Replace AeroEditEnv.dll
o Replace AeroElements.dll
o Replace aeroInterfaces.olb
o Replace AeroLibrary.dll
o Replace aeronautical_maintenance_production_procedures.chm
o Replace aeronautical_maintenance_production_procedures.lif
o Replace aeronautical_production_procedures.chm
o Replace aeronautical_production_procedures.lif
o Replace Aeronautical_TransSpec.mdb
o Replace AeroPostLoad.dll
o Replace AeroRegister.exe
o Replace AeroUpdate.dll
o Replace AirBoundaryLines.dll
o Replace AIS.xml
o Replace ais_data_dictionary.chm
o Replace AIS_GX.xml
o Replace AISCharting.xml
o Replace AISCharting_GX.xml
o Replace AIXMLoader.dll
o Replace AIXMProvider.dll
o Replace AnnoAbbrIt.dll
o Replace BufferedPolygonRenderer.dll
o Replace CartoFeatMigration.dll
o Replace ChangeReporter_aeronautical.xml
o Replace CreateCartoFeatures.dll
o Replace creating_features_with_feature_builder.chm
o Replace creating_features_with_feature_builder.lif
o Replace DoD.xml
o Replace DoD_GX.xml
o Replace DVOF.dll
o Replace Enroute.style
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Desktop.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Engine.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Engine.Interfaces.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Engine.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Desktop.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Engine.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Engine.Interfaces.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Engine.pdb
o Replace ExportLizard.dll
o Replace ExportMap.dll
o Replace HideMidSegAnno.dll
o Replace HideShowAnno.dll
o Replace Mabas.dll
o Replace MaskingToggle.dll
o Replace MetaGDBImporter.dll
o Replace mpsAeroElements.dll
o Replace MultiAirZones.dll
o Replace MultiFeatures.dll
o Replace MultiNavaids.dll
o Replace NGAChangesReporter.exe
o Replace OverflowBox.dll
o Replace PCatControl.ocx
o Replace PLTS_Aeronautical_AIS_05.ttf
o Replace plts_aeronautical_solution.chm
o Replace plts_aeronautical_solution.lif
o Replace plts_aeronautical_tools.chm
o Replace PLTS_Aeronautical_Tools.tbx
o Replace PointOffsetRenderer.dll
o Replace PointOnOffRoute.dll
o Replace RangeMarkers.dll
o Replace RASOverflowBox.dll
o Replace ReportPointIndex.dll
o Replace ResAeroAirspaceTools.dll
o Replace ResAeroAnchorPointMover.dll
o Replace ResAeroAnnoRotation.dll
o Replace ResAeroATSAnnoHider.dll
o Replace ResAeroATSRouteHider.dll
o Replace ResAeroBoundaries.dll
o Replace ResAeroCommander.dll
o Replace ResAeroDBSynch.dll
o Replace ResAeroDebugEditExt.dll
o Replace ResAeroEditEnv.dll
o Replace ResAeroLibrary.dll
o Replace ResAeroPostLoad.dll
o Replace ResAirBoundaryLines.dll
o Replace ResAIXMLoader.dll
o Replace ResAIXMProvider.dll
o Replace ResBufferPolyRenderer.dll
o Replace ResCartoFeatMigration.dll
o Replace ResCreateCartoFeatures.dll
o Replace ResDVOF.dll
o Replace ResExportLizard.dll
o Replace ResExportMap.dll
o Replace ResHideMidSegAnno.dll
o Replace ResHideShowAnno.dll
o Replace ResizeAnnotation.dll
o Replace ResMabas.dll
o Replace ResMaskingToggle.dll
o Replace ResMetaGDBImporter.dll
o Replace ResmpsAeroElements.dll
o Replace ResMultiAirZones.dll
o Replace ResMultiFeatures.dll
o Replace ResMultiNavaids.dll
o Replace ResNGAChangesReporter.dll
o Replace ResOverflowBox.dll
o Replace ResPointOffsetRenderer.dll
o Replace ResPointOnOffRoute.dll
o Replace ResRangeMarkers.dll
o Replace ResRASOverflowBox.dll
o Replace ResReportPointIndex.dll
o Replace ResResizeAnnotation.dll
o Replace ResRotateToGrid.dll
o Replace ResRouteProcessingTool.dll
o Replace ResRouteRenderer.dll
o Replace ResSUARenderer.dll
o Replace ResTestAnnoGeometry.dll
o Replace ResUCOverAndUp.dll
o Replace RotateToGrid.dll
o Replace RouteProcessingTool.dll
o Replace RouteRenderer.dll
o Replace SUARenderer.dll
o Replace TestAnnoGeometry.dll
o Replace TestAnnoGeometry.dll
o Replace UCOverAndUp.ocx

Installing the Service Pack

1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.

2. The CD or network location PLTS was originally installed from must be available. For instance, if PLTS was installed from a CD, the CD must be available during the service pack install. Copy the service pack to a local folder and have the PLTS software CD in the CD drive while installing the service pack. If PLTS was installed from a network location the location must be available during the service pack install.

3. Double-click the PLTSAeronautical92_SP2.msp and follow the installation instructions.

Note: If the .msp extension is currently being used by another program and double clicking the .msp does not start the install process the service pack can be run from the command line.

Launching the service pack from command line:

1. At a DOS command prompt, type 'msiexec.exe' to see if msiexec.exe can be found without specifying its full path.

2. If Step 1 returns a message box from the Windows Install, proceed to Step 3. If it is not found, search your computer for 'msiexec.exe', usually found in the system32 folder, and note the full path when found.

3. At a DOS command prompt use the following syntax to run the .msp file directly:

C:>\path\msiexec.exe /p path\.msp

C:>\msiexec.exe /p C:\temp\PLTSFoundation92_SP2.msp

An article on command line installations can be found on the ESRI support site at:
HowTo: Install a .msp file that is not recognized as a patch file

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


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