KUBE is Retired

Across Esri various teams have used KUBE as a reference for technical support information. Due to a number of business, technical, and security issues, KUBE is being retired, and Salesforce is replacing KUBE as the primary source of technical support information for these teams.

Salesforce Service Cloud is Esri Support's CRM and acts as a repository for support cases, bug records, enhancement requests, technical articles, and more. The linked Chatter post and video explain how to use Salesforce to research technical issues: Searching in Salesforce.

We have assigned Support Read-Only License in Salesforce to many of the current KUBE users, and with this license users can access Support related data and Chatter through the Salesforce chicklet on Okta. If you have any questions about the move from KUBE to Salesforce, please submit a post on the 'Salesforce Q&A' Chatter group. If you or other members of your team need access to Salesforce, please submit a request to Service Desk for a 'Support Read-Only License' with managerial approval according to your departmental guidelines.