Bug Number NIM061743
Submitted Oct 05, 2010
Modified Sep 23, 2015
Severity High
Applies To No Product Found
Version Found 10.0
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform
Client Platform
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
Version Fixed 10.1
SP Fixed 10.0SP2

Bug NIM061743


ArcMap creates thousands of default.gdb files on startup and eventually fails to start. (This seems related to MSXML 4.0.)

Additional Information


Alternate Solution

****Attempt to repair install of MSXML 4.0****** If this does not resolve it try: - Upgrade MSXML 4.0 to Service Pack 3 (Repair if already upgraded) - Clear out the offending default.gdb files - Create a new default.gdb within the user home using ArcCatalog Walkthrough Process 1. Download and install SP3 for MSXML 4.0 (Provided by Microsoft) 1. Clear out all default.gdb files within \My Documents\ArcGIS 2. Open ArcCatalog 3. Within ArcCatalog, connect to Folder (\My Documents\ArcGIS) 4. Within ArcCatalog right-click > \My Documents\ArcGIS > New > File Geodatabase 5. Name the new File Geodatabase as "Default.gdb" 6.A system restore to an earlier date.This would be in case if ArcMap was working fine and then stopped working.