Bug Number NIM012414
Submitted Oct 17, 2007
Modified Jan 25, 2018
Severity Low
Applies To ArcGIS for Desktop
Version Found No Version Found
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform
Client Platform
Database All
Locale N/A
Status Not in Current Product Plan
Version Fixed
SP Fixed

Bug NIM012414


Select query based on date field fails when joining a database table to a feature layer or coverage.

Additional Information

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Alternate Solution

Exported the joined attribute table as a standalone dbf table and store it in local drive will work with problem. *Append the query on the joined table to include a statement for a target table field, (the example that follows uses fake table and field names) : jointable.joinfield = date '2002-05-20' AND targettable.targetfield IS NOT NULL *If data are stored in enterprise databases, create a spatial view to join the table and the feature class. Then perform Select query on the spatial view.