Bug Number ENH-000104812
Submitted Apr 28, 2017
Modified Jun 11, 2020
Severity Low
Applies To ArcGIS Online
Version Found 5.1
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform
Client Platform
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
Version Fixed 6.1
SP Fixed

Bug ENH-000104812


Add the ability to add legends into line graphs made with the chart widget in Web App Builder.

Additional Information


Alternate Solution

1. Provide the appropriate/comparable step by step workflow to help illustrate the request.

  • Add Chart Widget into a new WebApp Builder.
  • Use Widget to generate a new line graph with multiple different data lines.
  • Observe lines. It is difficult to tell what the lines represent without mousing over data points on the lines.
  • This is where we would hopefully add a legend to differentiate the line colors based on the features they represent.

2. What is the problem feature X is trying to solve? (i.e. What is the problem/limitation/design choice that is preventing the customer from moving forward?)
  • Difficulties in differentiating data lines within a single graph when attempting to present results to customers/clients.

3. What are the benefits or changes that would result from the enhancement? (i.e. How does making this change help the customer's workflow or business?)
  • This added functionality would improve ease of result reporting for presentations and web app sharing, lowering potential confusion in non-savvy end users who must observe the chart data.